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Stopped peeing midstream, swollen vein on penis, blood in urine

So this happened 4 weeks ago. I was peeing normally and abruptly stopped peeing midstream (was doing a kegel exercise of stopping pee midstream). Due to that abrupt stop I felt a painful kickback at the lower left side of the abdomen/pelvic/groin area. After that I finished peeing with some pain on the penis. There was no visible blood in urine. For one week after that incident, I had slight pain in groin area and a stinging pain on penis, especially when walking/touching of cloth on the penis. During the same week I also noticed an enlarged vein on the top side of penis shaft going the length of the penis (it was very tender and was also painful) and one small slightly enlarged vein next to it. The pain was worse during erections at night/during sleep time.

At the end of this first week, i went to doc and got Urinalysis done which showed only microscopic blood in urine. Doc didnt think the vein was particularly significant and in the physical examination penis looked normal except for the swollen vein.

Four weeks on, the pain on the vein has reduced than what it was during the first week, although the vein looks just as big. Pain is also less during sleep erections as compared to the first week. Have not used any anti inflammation/painkillers over the past week especially with the blood in urine. Online research seems to suggest swollen vein is possible penile Mondors disease ... and microscopic blood in the urine could be due to a ruptured blood vessel.

Does this sound right to any Urological experts ? Any other thoughts please? How long do you think i might still have the slightly painful and swollen vein, and the possible microscopic/trace blood in urine? Any thoughts will be helpful? Cheers
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