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Strange Symptoms with no medical answers! As of yet anyways!

I'm a soldier that just came back to the United States from abroad. While I was overseas a strange sickness came over me that has plagued me since it started nearly 6 Months ago..

Ill kind of go thru the timeline as symptoms appeared and hopefully maybe somebody has an answer or could guide me in a direction so when I go to the doctor again about this I can give them some guidance because it is really hard to explain to a physician without them looking at me crooked after doing all the tests.

Ok 6 Months ago I started noticing a dull ache in the middle of my penis. Nothing painful at first just a dull ache that seemed to come on more predominantly when I had to pee and relieved after I peed? I did plenty of masturbating while I was overseas so I thought maybe that had something to do with it so I laid off of the masturbating but the dull ache remained. This went on for a month and a half until I got fed up and went to the base doctor. The base doctor despite my pleading immediately thought I was up to no good and caught something ffrom putting my thing where it shouldn't be and gave me a UTI anti biotic and sent me for the full array of STD tests. These included Urine Culture for UTI as well as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea cultures as well as tested my urine for white blood cells etc. He also ordered a blood test for HIV Hepatitis and  Syphilis.
The second day after I started taking the antibiotic for the presumed UTI I started a fever but not a typical fever. I did not feel hot but was cold sweating as if I was fighting off an infection. I also had a bad taste in my mouth and was nauseous but never vomited and still had a good appetite to eat. I smoke but the cigarettes tasted bad like I was hung over. After 2 days of that fever stuff I was still went to work doing my daily duties and at night on nights 3 and 4 of the 4 day fever I had night sweats but was better during the day although groggy.

I went back to the doctor  during that 4 day fever and he presumed that it was Clamidia because it seemed as though I was fighting off the infection and he went ahead and gave me dioxi cyclin 200 mg a day for a week.
But then a new symptom appeared. My muscles and joints started aching. But not right on the joints but instead above the knees and elbows. The ache seemed to hinder my performance during my daily excorcise routine. Then I noticed a stiffness in my neck along with a dull to sharp pain that was more pronounced as Ive noticed when I tuck my chin downwards or extend my neck while I was shaving my head in the mirror. The dull ache seems to be behind that skeletal bump in the base of my skulls backside and stems downwards. My sides started dull pains as well. It usually manifested as dull burning sensation under the fat of my skin on my left side towards my pelvis and also on my right waist but more to the front? But the biggest symptom is a dull ache in my lower spine that is fine when my posture is natural but can be felt very well when I sit my body up straight and straighten out my spine.

I also started feeling hung over everysingle minute of everysingle day. Hungover even without drinking but to be clear when I did drink alchohol would effect me more than it usually did and the hungover feeling intensified but remained the same. Sometimes the hung over feeling is really bad that I feel as if I am actually hungover and a pain starts in my chest when that happens and for some reason my collarbone hurts on my right side.

Nothing but net when it comes to strange pains above all that other stuff. Light seemed to bother me more than it had in the past. We were in the desert so heat was present however heat seemed to affect me more than it had when I first started the deployment. Tingling burning sensations popped up on my skin in random places. Bear in mind given the environment I was in there is no telling if I was the actual heat that made those or if it was signs of something else.

To go back to what happened after the First and Second Doctors visits the tests all came back negative. So no STD's.. They then sent me to a hospital by referral to a uroligists mainly for the penis pain complaint. I then had a sonogram done on my abdomen which came up clean and a blood test checking for kidney function which also came back clean or normal.

Then another symptom came. I started getting infections very easily on my fingers. However being I am in the army we had a task of taking out some of the most putrid chow hall garbage in the world that had been roasting in the heat all day and sometimes that garbage juice would get on my hand.. But none the less I would get those infections on my fingers in random bumps. One on my right index finger and then another on my pinky both on my right hand.

For the rest of the deployment til demobilization I had pretty much given up going to the doctor for my problems as nobody was really helping or seemed to care as we are all usually busy to care I guess. So most of those symptoms manifested with the mainstayers being the lower spine ache side dull aches and the neck ache but then another crazy thing happened.

I got a crazy infection in my mouth where my wisdom tooth used to be and it tasted very badly in that the juices that came from that infection tasted veery badly.
I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned and it seemed to help but that infection eventually went away after a week and a half. But now my mouth always feels like it had been exposed to food that was too hot. My tongues taste buds are different and coffee and all the stuff I enjoy taste different. I can go to sleep and wake up and it feels like I have been sucking on a battery acid popcicle all night. Bitter taste and all.

Let me move forward to demobilization because that's where people started to look at me like I was crazy.
While on demob it is sort of the ritual to disclose any and all problems to the health proffesionals which I did. They had tons of tests ordered such as an abdominal CT scan (Negative) Lower Spine MRI Negative allthought the doctor said that there was a small deviations in those fin thingys but nothing serious. I had another HIV test done as well as Hep C and Syphilis which is mandatory and all came back Negative. When I spoke to a Urologist which actualy made me angry how dismissive he was towards my problems suggested a spastic bladder and tried giving me a scrip for a spastic bladder medication.
I knew that had ZERO to do with my problems so I didn't take it.

I had a couple of more follow ups but all the doctors say I'm good to go. But theres no way.

Anyhow here I am 3 weeks post coming home and I still feel hungover.. I still feel the pain at the base of my skull that increases and decreases thruout the day. I still feel the dull pain in my shaft and now notice that I cant pee a straight line anymore it comes out all funky and goes all over the place. as If something was stuck in there. When I do pee sometimes I swear I see white sticky residue but that's probably stuff from my junk after having sex or masturbating.

If somebody has a clue or idea WHAT may be wrong with me I am all ears or in this case eyes.

I'm tired of feeling this way and want my health to return so I can go back to doing my running and gym workouts as I miss them.

OH that's another thing.... Like even yesterday I went for a lousy 2 mile run and my back muscles start to burn when I do. It really shuts me down and its not like I don't have the energy to run which I do and I'm not winded but I certainly feel the burn in my back along the flanks down to my lower back.. This is usually more towards the surface than in the muscles. At least it feels that way.

So please I ask or beg again.. If anybody has an Idea I am nothing but ready to get this fixed so I can move on with my life.    
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Hello there cmor6855.

I am sorry to hear of your misery. I'm certain this situation is terrifying and I'd like to see you get the help you need.

But I think you may be barking up the wrong tree when it comes to the source of your mysterious side effects. I know it started in what American drill instructors used to euphemistically call your "gun" and you still have symptoms, but I'd like you to explore another avenue.

Now, let's get this part clear. I'm not a physician. I have some medical training -- I was once a pretty good rural veterinarian. But that was long ago. Today, I'm an old desert rat with a sore back. I'm not second guessing an army doctor, nor am I playing doctor with you. What I'm sharing here is not medical advice but simple information that you can confirm with an internet search. Your medical records will show whether or not my conjecture as to your current problems are a possibility.

Yes, out there you may have had an STD or a simple urinary infection (UTI). The symptoms you reported are not inconsistent, although docs also look for things like cloudy urine, odors, and other signs that confirm UTI. Sometimes there are none, and urine cultures are negative. Still, docs treat nonspecific simple UTIs with antibiotics.

A few terms. Penis is good, but a UTI in the penis is called urethritis, because the tube down the middle through which fluids flow is called a urethra. It's not the penis that's infected in a UTI, it's the urethral lining. A bladder infection is called a cystitis. These two very common UTIs are treated by doctors and rich veterinarians every week.

I believe you when you tell me that you were not chasing after Afghani women (or more likely, Afghani men,) or even Afghani sheep for fun on those long Kabul evenings, or wherever the hell you were.

As an old sheep doctor in Indian country, I've heard some raunchy stories about lonely young men who could not resist that fuzzy round behind and those innocent, luring brown eyes, and lived to regret their close encounter of the cross-species kind. A little bit of bacteria goes a long way in the urethra.

Now that I've made my little joke, let's get back to business.

It's easy to get a UTI in a dry land -- stay hydrated -- and in general, simple UTIs are easy to cure with an old fashioned drug called Septra-DS. But some people have sulfa allergies, in in this age of sexual liberation UTIs are often STDs, so we use antibiotics to handle UTis today.

Army docs in exotic places see a lot of strange diseases, and many believe that boys will be boys, especially those boys who are not made gentlemen by an act of congress.

So, whether your urethritis be from unknown causes or chlamydia, you may have been treated, not with a simple course of penicillin VK, but with antibiotics of powerful class of known as the fluoroquinolones.

Herein may lie the problem. These drugs, while powerful against the exotic microbes that cause complicated UTIs, hospital-acquired pneumonias, flesh-eating bacteria, and other horrible diseases, are considered by many to have a more than acceptable risk for serious side effects.

Back when I was still practicing animal medicine, I remember reading that America's most popular antibiotic was a fluoroquinilone called Levaquin (levofloxacin). We didn't know as much about them then as we do know.

An unfortunate side-effect Levaquin therapy is chronic tendinitis, but there are so many oddball side effects associated with the variety of flouroquinolones that if I were a medical doc today, I'd steer clear of this class of drugs entirely. The evidence is mounting that they can cause peripheral neuropathy, a painful and incurable disease. They've also been linked with many other problems -- from retinal detachment to kidney failure.

Search "flouroquinolone side effects" and see for yourself. Cipro and Levaquin are the two most commonly used drugs in this class, but there are quite a few others used everyday in America, and perhaps in the Middle East.

cmore6855, I want you to find out what medicines you were given while you were out there defending freedom.

If you were prescribed a flouroquinolone, then you need special help.

So go to the VA and get your medical records. See if you were prescribed a fluoroquinolone, and start asking questions about side effects to these controversial medications.

Now, my knowledge of the specialty called urology is limited -- I'm concerned with people who live with chronic pain these days and hang out at the pain forum. Since i live with severe spine disease, I try to help out on the back and neck forum also.

I don't know if I can be of further help, but if you need to get in touch with me, roll your mouse over my name, wait for the popup, and send me a message.

Follow this up with your medical records -- get yourself a copy of those records, as the VA has not been known for its transparency when it comes to disability among our veterans.

Do it next week, please.

Best wishes.
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Hi and Welcome,

First let me thank you for your service! It's very appreciated.

After reading your post and feeling helpless I summoned the "old sheep doctor" for an out of forum consultation. :o)  He and I both hang out in the Pain Forums - for the same reasons. Every now and again I stumble over to Urology to lend a hand.

I'm on the other spectrum as Phil - medical background too but far from a Doc of any kind. So my thoughts?

I think this may not be a Urology issue at all. It may have began as one - or your penis symptoms are just coincidental to the entire picture - or as Phil suggested you were treated with a drug in the flouroquinolone family. Whatever the case may be I think this is no longer a penis or Urology issue. I could be very wrong but your current symptoms don't fit anything I've ever heard about in the urology world.

I assume the VA will direct your treatment - and determine which docs you consult. If you have any say in it I would ask for a consult with Rheumatology.

Don't be discouraged. It takes fortitude (which I know you have) and patience (which you must have) and assertiveness to find answers to difficult medical diagnoses.

As Phil suggested, obtain your medical records asap. That's my suggestion to everyone. Know what the doctors are saying and sometimes learn something you didn't know.

Please keep in touch. Feel free to knock on my door - the same way  Phil told you how to reach him. Roll over my screen name and click. I wish you the very best and hope to hear from you again.

Take Care,
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