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Sudden urethra bleeding during sex

  My boyfriend experienced a sudden (but small) bleed during sex. He felt a popping type pain about a centimetre from the head of his penis, inside his urethra. After suddenly being turned off sex he was in some discomfort and bled alittle from the urethra for a couple of hours afterwards. Other than that he has experienced no other pain or blood when going to the toilet.
  As always, he refuses to go to the doctors and I am worried that it could be the start of something more serious. Should I persuade him to go to the doctors?  
Dear Julie,
It would be important to know a little more history about your boyfriend to answer this question better.  Also a physical exam would allow a doctor to determine if there was any major trauma.  If we are talking about a patient under the age of thirty, I would say that there is little chance of this spontaneous bleed being anything more than sexual trauma, particularly since it has only happened once and has not happened again.  If he is older and is a smoker or works in a factory where they handle dyes, then he would have other risks.
When dealing with your boyfriend
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