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Sudden urge to release drop of semen. And other problems. HELP!!!

Hi I am a 35 year old male with a history of   urological problems. I have varicocele vains in my scrotum for many years but they dont bother me. I have epididymitis due to small injury to the head of my epididymis. Recently I started having  a very strange problem. For many months apart on and off I felt this strange feeling of a droplet of semen being suddenly released into my urethra. It is definitely not an urge to urinate, its a thicker feel. Once I feel it I immediately attempt to stop it. If I don't stop it I see a very small amount of sticky clear discharge fluid. That is how I can confirm it is semen. There is no burning sensation.  It mostly happens when I am sitting down on my computer chair or if I am laying flat on my back. (That is how i sleep.)

Since it came and went from time to time I didnt give it much thought. Now I have developed a new problem and everything is starting to fall apart. I have had many busy days and didnt have much time to go urinate. So I ended up holding my urine for quite some time. Some times I would pee in the morning and then in the evening.  One day I held it so much that after I went, I had pain in my left sperm duct or whatever that tube is called that that runs in the lower abdominal on each side.

Shortly after that I started noticing foam in my urine. (I have ruled out UTI and Protein by going for blood and urine test multiple times). I went to a urologist  and he said I have a slightly inflamed prostate and that my bladder was not emptying fully. Shortly after that I started noticing a need to urinate more often and a strange discomfort after urination every time.

Due to many internet searches I have come to think it is a pelvic muscle dysfunction problem.
Due to this I have also developed penile shrinkage which can last all day.  Also when I have a bowl movement and i push, i feel like im putting pressure on a need to urinate at the same time.  I am very panicked by all this. Mostly the semen droplet because that feels like incontinence and I have to catch it in time. (Though it's not urine. )

One more thing to add, I have started doing keggle exercises  but so far its not working. Though to be far I have not been doing them as offten as suggested.   But it has been a month almost and no difference. Maybe im doing them wrong.

What I think is happening is that my prostate is inflamed and probably a little enlarged and is probably pushing on my pelvic muscle and is creating discomfort and dysfunction in my pelvic muscle and thus causing these problems. And maybe if I get the prostate under control everything will go back to normal. But that is must wishful thinking on my part.

If someone has experience with this and can recommend some solutions I would really be happy to try them.

Many thanks.
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