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Suprapubic Catheter V/s Foley's catheter

My mother (46 years) has been on a foley's catheter for 7 months (post surgery for brain tumor) but has faced continuos problems of sedimentation, foley's leak and acute bladder pain. A surgical procedure for cleaning the bladder of sediments was performed but that resulted in her going into septic shock. She is in a minimally conscious state and unable to communicate. We have been suggested supra pubic catheter (over foleys) for this recurrent sedimentation problem. Does a suprapubic catheter ensure no sedimentation and no bladdder pain or is it atleast better than a foleys's ? Can a supra pubic catheter be kept for a long period probably for months or years ?
Getting any suggestions would be really helpful as the sedimentation of foley's is not seeming to come under control in any case.

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Suprapubic catheter can be used as a long term option in patients who need catheterization and it has got certain advantages. It is more hygienic as it is away from the genital area where infection has an easy passage to the bladder via an indwelling urethral catheter, it is easier to change and less embarrassing for the patient, relatives etc. Pressure areas can occur with urethral indwelling catheters whereas none of these problems are seen with suprapubic catheters. Sexual activity less inhibited with suprapubic catheters.It gives patient independence –patients can change their own catheter. Suprapubic catheters also need to be changes every few weeks like the foley’s catheter. There are certain drawbacks of the suprapubic catheters also like the catheter must be replaced immediately if it falls out otherwise the opening may close. Urine may still leak via the urethra especially if catheter is blocked or the drainage tube kinked. Some people are not comfortable with the thought of a tube going into their abdomen. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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i have a super pubic the only pain i get is a a few bladder spasms they last for about 5 sec's nothing major, i also have a problem that it wheeps so i keep a dressing on but other than that i like it ! (still cant look at the area as it freaks me out)
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