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Swelling on the Penis Foreskin

I am a 29 year old male, circumcised with the following:
1. I have a swelling on the left side of my penis foreskin just behind the penis head, and feel constant pain on my left testicle for weeks now; I don’t feel any lumps or inflammation there. I was on Minocycline for a day when I realized the swelling but continued the medication for 10 days anyway, but when the swelling didn't go away I called my doc and he told me to stop the meds and put me on celestamine, and the swelling reseeded but after completing the celestamine it appeared again but whenever I massage it, it disappears. The swelling is only visible only when I am not erect.  
2. I also some time ago had some discomfort on the tip of my penis that goes and comes back.
3. When I am urinating it never clears completely when am finished and come back to my seat I feel like I had a leak.
4. When I am passing stool that’s hard with some push, I see some white watery discharge from my penis – My urologist told me this is due to constipation and the pressure.
5. On two days ago I went to the toilet and passed a lot of stool and at the end of it I urinated and at the end of the urination I saw that I had a discharge like sperm, this has only happened this one time and never again.
6. In this week I have been on Augmantine, Betapyn and Celestamine, and just finished the meds today.
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