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Swelling, redness & irritation from end of meatus to frenulum, for 6+ months.

Male, 23Y.

Thanks for going through this and please provide your experience and guide.

I never had any sexual encounter. One day (then uncircumcised and with phimosis) while masturbating- for some extra pleasure I started tapping my meatus over the foreskin with my thumb tip. Suddenly I kinda pressed the corner of the meatus nearer to the scrotam with thumb tip and felt a sharp pain. I continued masturbating though.
After a few days while masturbating I started to feel burning in the urethra, could not jerk for long and resulted in quicker and irritating ejaculation. Then after some days, I pulled my foreskin as much was possible with phimosis, and observed red swelling - starting from the corner of the meatus and extended upto the frenulum; the meatus itself looks extended with the swelling. (Now I sometime worry if I have had this thing from way back in time, since I never looked inside due to phimosis. But I think it's new, since the irritation was not there previously.)

Then I got diagnosed with balanitis, and got circumcised after 20 days. But the swelling stayed. I started masturbating again after 4 weeks of surgery, and the swelling didn't matter much. It would turn red, and burn weirdly during climax, but not enough to prevent me from jerking.
This swelling is soft, I mean if I press it it goes down, but regains shape when pressure is removed. It sometimes looks skin coloured, like the surrounding; sometimes the skin on it looks faded red. I visited the surgeon, he said it's an edema, will go away. But it is there. I visited another surgeon but his Impression was like I am totally ok, this injury is nothing wrong.

Now it's almost 6+ months this thing is there. Sometimes it hurts like getting pinced when I wear underwear, but goes away after sometime. While peeing sometimes I feel a very localized irritation at this corner of meatus, the part of skin here on this swelled part would look red, as if a narrow cut, but it doesn't bleed, just irritates, and the cut would recover later; though the skin there looks different, indicating there was a cut.
This condition is more probable after masturbation, so I masturbate already considering this consequence I shall have to bear for the next couple of days.
(Just to mention, I don't think there is any STD; I have had several doses of antibiotics for more than one reasons already.)

Often, generally following the day of masturbation the inside of meatus would look kinda reddish, but I think it goes away with time.
For the last couple of days, the redness in and around the urethral opening was such that reflecting sunlight from within pee made the pee red when it just emitted from urethra. Told it to a doc and by his advice I was applying an antibiotic ointment, but the swelling has only slightly increased probably. And before this ointment application the swelling was totally red, also I was masturbating more though.

Any way to cure this? Do I need to worry about further complications in future?

For the last one month I am suffering from severe health anxiety, and this condition is adding to it more than any other.

Thank you to all. Any help will be very helpful.
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Yo, sooo I am part of another forum that has the same issue. Unfortunately none of us have found a cure. It usually gets triggered when I receive aggressive oral, last anywhere from a few weeks to months. I get pea size lump on the left side of meatus, sometimes the right swells up. It burns when I pee and ejaculate, also noticed that my sphincter burns a bit too. No stds, tried every antibiotic, every anti fungal, have seen urologist and had a camera shoved up there, prostate and bladder are healthy, seen dermatologists. Tried switching my diet, the last attempt is going to do a full body cleanse and fasting, as well as trying to talk to a world renown urologist hopefully at end of month. The closest thing that I have found in symptoms is a paraurethral duct infection but that is usually caused by a gonorea. Got an ultrasound and still nothing comes up. Best of luck will post more about my upcoming visit with urologist. Keep me updated. Also, do you vape at all? Second any injury to penis or scrotum or anus?
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So I visited my surgeon yesterday.
He just assured that it's nothing to fear, and will go away on its own (or maybe will not cause problem even if it stays - my judgement :')).
For some reason he has prescribed me vitamin E tablet and Doxycycline (I talked to my other GP, he told me not to take the doxy thing).
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The only thing you can do if docs keep telling you nothing is wrong is stop masturbating for awhile.  It's possible you just never gave it time to mend after you first irritated it.  If you had twisted an ankle you wouldn't put stress on it until you could, so why are you treating this irritation any differently?  Only other thing you can do is find a different doc and see if there's a different diagnosis.  But give it a rest until it stops hurting, and also try to learn that you can be gentle and get just as much or even more pleasure from it.
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Firstly, thanks for your time mate.
Actually after getting diagnosed by balanitis and then the circumcision I abstained for about 2 months. But I guess it needs more time than 2 months to heal.

And I shall visit my surgeon again coming Saturday. I shall keep posting.
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