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Swollen lymph nodes or inguinal hernia?

A few days ago i was getting out of a chair and as I stood up, I felt something kind of bulge out of my right upper groin area. I've had this happen a few times in the last 6 months, but it has always felt like it popped right back in a few seconds later, but this time it stayed out. It didn't really hurt when it happened, it just felt like an uncomfortable pressure in my groin. So the next day I went to the clinic at my University and the doctor gave me a physical and informed me that the discomfort I was feeling was a hernia and that I should consult a surgeon.

I made an appointment with a general surgeon that my primary physician referred me to. When I met with him today, he also gave me a physical to ensure that it was a hernia. After checking everything out, he said that I didnt have a hernia, and that it was probably just a swollen lymph node and that it should go away in the next few days/weeks.

Has anyone had a similar experience like this? I am starting to experience more and more discomfort. Its kind of cramp/achey feeling. I dont feel like my lymph nodes would just swell up instantly. I felt a very unusual feeling of something just bulging out.

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