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Swollen over pubic bone

I recently went to the doctor to check out some testicular pains. All my tests came back clean but he said I have a swollen lymph node and sent me on my way. I just got this doctor so in the comfertable environment that it is when a doctor is fondelling your testicles, I may have not asked all the questions I wanted to. I drink quite a bit. I'm 19 years old. I used to smoke but just quit. Acoording to my knowledge a swollen lymph node means it is trying to get rid or prevent an infection? I have no clue how to make my self feel better. he didn't give me any pills or any rough date about how long it will be here for. I just got involved with a new girl and I don't want it to interfere but I want to be safe and help it get better. I don't even know if my doctor was right in that matter. Infection sounds right though. When I've been drinking and I ejaculate it burns. I need some adviceand info. Should I stop drinking for a while? Is this serious? How long will it take to get better? Why me? that's about it. Thanks for your help.
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Hello - thanks for asking your question.  

Lymph nodes in the groin region (i.e. inguinal lymph nodes) is usually caused by lower extremity infection, sexually transmitted diseases, or cancer.

You should be evaluated for an infection (i.e. burning during ejaculation may be indicative of an STD).  If an infection is the case, then after appropriately treated, the lymph node should decrease in size.  

If the lymph node persists, further evaluation should be discussed with your personal physician, including a possible lymph node biopsy (i.e. taking a sample of the node) to rule out any cancer.  

I strongly suggest followup with your personal physician.

I stress that this answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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