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Swollen pelvic lymph nodes

  I have swollen pelvic lymph nodes.  My doctor didn't really tell me what it could be.  He prescribed an antibiotic and said if this doesn't take care of it to see a specialist.  Does this have any connection to prostate cancer?  Or do you know what the problem may be?
Dear James
Prostate cancer does not usually spread to the superficial lymph nodes of the groin.  
Infection or cancer from the penis or urethra do.    A penile cancerous lesion would be obvious.  Penile discharge usually accompanies a sexually transmitted disease which cause enlarged lymph nodes.   To document these infections you need cultures.  A primary lymph node process like Lymphoma is a possibility.  Even AIDS infection can present with lymph adenopathy, swollen lymph glands.  Hope the anitbiotics work.
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