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Swollen penis tip (meatus) Urethra pain,

The problem started on the 23rd of June 2012, and I was last sexually active on the 19th May 2012

I have a server burning pain on the end of my penis, which has only started this year.  I have never previously had any problems prior to this. It is extremely painful and the end of the penis - (my pee hole) is very swollen three times the size normally and looks like it has two lips, some days it is more red and painful than others. But it is always swollen.

I have seen so far three different doctors, at three different  STD clinics in my area, One was very unhelpful and just said it was normal, and only I could see it, I replied it is normal every night for the past three month to have to hold a ice cube before on your genitals before you go to bed? which they did not respond. This is making me really miserable, and I cant have sex even if I want to as it looks so bad. I have done everything like change body wash and change of underwear, ect.

I have been tested in the last 3 month 3 times for chlamydia gonorrhoea a type specific herpes blood test, HIV

All clear all three times the HSV 1 and HSV 2 herpes test was done at my request which was difficult to get done as its not standard procedure in the UK, but was clear anyway, (never had a cold soar)

The doctor who was abrupt, said it looked like I had a tear in my Urethra and was larger than normal, even though they claimed they couldn't see anything? Caused by what? The pain to last this long and is not getting better. Only the end is painful and burning like two larger lips.

Its stings and is bringing me seriously down. Please can anyone suggest anything, I don't know where to turn now, its like I'm in a black void.

I'm 24 I live in the UK - I have foreskin, to this date never had a STD or any problems with my penis, and I am not over weight. My longest I could go with out masturbation to see if this made a difference is 19 days, and it was still the same during this time.

This discussion is related to stroke urgent frequent urination.

This discussion is related to stroke urgent frequent urination.
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I have added more and clear photos to my profile, of my problem. If people could please check and look.
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Hi there Im 24 from australia i was looking this up myself as I have a similar problem but mine looks bit worse than urs....mine has actually been like that for as long as i can remember...but only started giving me discomfort in the past yr or so.....doctors have all said that it's normal but after looking  it up I'm still not even sure what's wrong....
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dude, did you ever get an answer or resolution?!
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Hi, I'm experiencing something very similar now for 2 months after protective vaginal intercourse. My meatus looks almost exactly like yours. Have you ever found a solution?
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Upping this....

The photos I've seen remind me a bit of my condition, which has always been present. I just posted a similar question here http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Urology/Bad-looking-meatus/show/2297049#post_11071494

Did you guys found a solution/treatment ?
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