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Symptoms Following Ureteroscopy with Laser

I am a 42 year old male.  8 years ago I had kidney stones that I passed on my own.  Recently I had a 4 mm stone with a 3 mm stone sitting on top of that.  These were blocking my right kidney which had urine in it.  In addition I had several other smaller stones (left & right sides).  I was unable to pass any of them on my own so on Tue. I had a ureteroscopy with laser (outpatient).  

My Urologist said the ureter (not uretha) was perforated.  I have a stent (that I cannot see or remove myself) that is supposed to be in place for at least a month.  Does a month seem like a long time?

Today is Fri. (day 3 after my procedure) and here are my symptoms:  
1)  Blood in the urine which begins in the morning looking like cloudy red wine.  By the end of the day (and after 4 - 6 liters of water each day) it is just pale pink.  
2)  I urinate about once each waking hour (none during the night).
3)  When I am almost finished urinating, it feels as though someone is pressing their thumb into my kidney (this is my first day of NOT taking any Vicodin)
4)  I have passed a few stones but I am also passing what I can only describe as sauted onions (slimy & soft).
5)  Today (for the first time) I feel light-headed (no vomiting).

Is all of this normal following this type of procedure?  How long will this continue?
Thank you, Wade-Tampa, FL
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Sorry for late response but I believe everything in your symptoms list (except slimy onion discharge) is completely normal post-ureteroscopy. I have had 4 and am going in for my 5th and 6th in the upcoming month so I am not a doctor, but I do have experience. You will probably continue to feel discomfort and pain while urinating as long as the stent is in. I feel more of a pulling or tugging on my ureter/kidney area, but I understand the pressure on teh kidney you are feeling. I always found that AFTER the stent is removed the healing truly begins. The stent is really just there to keep your ureter open for teh passage of urine since it's very swollen from being operated on. My full recovery time to get to minimal pain took about a month, which was 2 weeks after the stent was removed. I'm sure every case is different but I'd give it a month before getting too worried. I hope you are consulting your doctor on these matters as well, it's his job to guide you through this process. Also, the slimy onion like discharge could be an infection. You should probably go in for a urinalysis just to be safe bud, some antibiotics would clear that right up. I wish you well and hope that even though I was late this reaches you in good health and helps others who have this very common issue. God bless!
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