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Tear / split / cut on opening of penis. Doesn't seem to be healing. What to do?


Around a year ago, I got a cut right on the opening of my penis that traveled in the direction towards the frenulum. I have no idea how I got the cut. I am very safe when it comes to masturbation and I was not sexually active at the time. The cut then was roughly 1mm. It never outright hurt, but I do remember it stinging every now any then when masturbating when I first noticed the cut. But nothing serious and that stinging never came back.

Around two months ago, I was sexually active with a partner. After finishing, I had noticed the cut had expanded to about 5-8mm. I would say the cut is about half way to my frenulum. It didn't hurt whatsoever and still doesn't, but the implications of it scare me deeply. I have attached a picture to a rough diagram of how the cut looks. (It isn't an actual picture, just a drawn representation.) (https://imgur.com/a/rcCY72l)

We never did anything 'non-vanilla,' just basic hands, mouth, penetrative stuff. I had refrained from any sexual activity hoping it would help the wound heal. After around a month, I decided to visit a Urologist. They examined my penis and only left me with the advice to keep refraining, to wait around 6 weeks, and to occasionally place vasaline on the cut to help seal the wound. The doctor said, if he saw this during a surgery, he wouldn't think it would require a catheter.

It has been 2 weeks, which I know that I'm jumping the gun, but it does not seem to be getting much better. I haven't had sex or masturbated since, I place vasaline on the wound every now and then, wear light pants, but the cut still looks the same.

I feel as if, any time I urinate, it just undoes any healing that might have happened. It doesn't outright 'bleed,' instead it gets the same light blood ring a paper cut would, every now and then. The cut being there scares me so much and I haven't been able to find anything on the symptoms online. I am quite young and I keep myself very healthy.

Does any one have ANY advice what so ever? Should I continue being patient? Are there any special kind of bandages I can place to help keep the cut together? I would visit the urologist again but I want to at least adhere to him saying I should wait 6 weeks.
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I'm having the same problem as you. Did you find any solution to keep the cut closed?
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It's hard with that area of the body.  My doctor has told me you can dress a penis with gauze or bandage like other areas of the body depending where the cut is.  Or dab something like vasoline on it that keeps things out of the wound so it can heal that might cause infection. Give more details of your situation and we'll talk more.
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Same thing happened to me last week but I have been having pain, stinging and kind of a pinched feeling. I was told to wait 6 to 8 weeks and given antibiotics and steroid cream but it doesn't seem to be helping.

I agree that how would it heal when you have to urinate which worries me that it can't heal. If you hear about anything helpful let me know.
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