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Terrified-Bladder Cancer as ruled many other things out

Dear Dr.,

I am a 35 year old male who never smoked (maybe 2 cigarates whole life), NO FAMILY CANCER WHATSOEVER, but do have Heart Disease.  60 lbs over weight.

I am very concerned as I have been having symptoms (Frequent Urination, Stopping and Starting, Tingling and Pain in penis tip) and micro hematuria (NEVER VISABLE BLOOD) for the past 11 months.  I can't think of anything else other than cancer from my research and tests thus far.  Here is my progression:

Jan 06, GP for Regular Checkup, Trace Micro Hematuria

Feb 06, Urologist for Exam, NO Hematuria in urine.
Finger Scan of Prostate, Clean.
CT Scan of Kidney's, Uters, and Bladder, Clean
Diagnosis Prostatitis.

Aug 06, Urologist Follow up, Trace Micro Hematuria in Urine.
Diagnosis Prostatis, come back in 2 years.

Wasn't Satisfied with waiting 2 years after doing some research.

Sept. 06, Urologist Follow up again, MODERATE Micro Hematuria (NOT TRACE ANYMORE)
***Diagnosis Prostatitis, does not think I have Bladder Cancer due to age.
Gave me 1000mg of cipro for 1 month
Clean Prostate Physical Exam
Clean Urine Cytology
No CYTOSCOPY Performed

Oct. 06, Urologist 2ND OPINION, Moderate Micro Hematuria (NOT TRACE)
Concerned because:
1. Urinating 2 times per night
2. Increasing amount of Hematuria from Trace to Moderate
3. Suggested Cytoscopy.

***Still does not think I have Bladder Cancer due to Age and non-smoking.

I am getting the Cytoscopy in the next week, but I am terrified because of the INCREASE in blood amount and the frequent urination.

I am completely freaked out that i was misdiagnosed and the cancer has been growing for 11 months.

1. I had saccharin for 3 years ending last year.  Is it likely this could have damaged the bladder cells so quickly to create cancer?  I have heard it takes 20 years or more for this to occur.
2. I am overweight and I drink much caffine my whole life, are these risk factors or am I just unlucky?
3. With the increase in blood amount is there any possible way it could be something else if I never had blood in my urine until this point? I don't see how it can, would it have to be cancer?  I haven't read that it can be anything else at this point.
4. Does the negative cytology of the urine and the Negative CT Scan have any significance?  I have read Voided Urine Cytology is only 65% accurate for finding cancer.
5. Is there anyway it still could be prostatitis now that I have taken Cipro for 1 month and the blood amount has increased and symptoms have not gone away?
6. Am I totally screwed?  I am really depressed as I think I have it at such a young age (usually avg is 68) and that I just got unlucky cause I don't smoke.
7. Are there severe risks with the Cytoscopy?

Thank you Doctor, I am completely freaked at this point as I feel like all other possibilities other than cancer have been ruled out.
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To answer your questions:
1) I am not aware of this leading to bladder cancer so rapidly.
2) Family history can play a role.  That being said, there has been no diagnosis of bladder cancer thus far.
3) There are other reasons for blood in the urine other than cancer.  This can include kidney disease or kidney stones.  Some causes are unexplained.
4) A negative CT scan would make kidney stones less likely.  A cytology would make cancer less like, although this is not a very sensitive test.
5) Prostatitis is possible and should be considered if the cystoscopy is negative.
6) Again, cancer is unlikely and has not been diagnosed yet.  The cystoscopy would give a more definitive answer.
7) In general, a cystoscopy is a safe procedure.  Bleeding and infection are the major risks.  

These questions can be discussed with your personal urologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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