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Testicle and groin pain for 3 months - no known cause

Sometimes the pain is in left testicle, sometimes it's sore in the groin/fold just above it. Aggravated by sitting down very hard, bending down, putting on tight pants, standing, bending forward or squeezing legs together when sitting, or just general movement more intense than light walking.

Urologist didn't know the cause, said maybe not urological issue. Ultrasounds all normal. nothing remarkable to see basically.

Is this nerve damage or impingemant or like a sports hernia due to a ligament injury? If so, is it similar to a tooth nerve where I had to get a root canal to fix it? Do nerves or ligaments ever get better or they will hurt forever?

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Sounds like this could be a hernia. I had ongoing, recurring pain in my testicle for 3 years before a doctor finally gave me a thorough exam and found my hernia. The hernia wasn't detectable from underneath, the standard turn your head and cough method of checking.
It was only after a thorough exam of my lower abdomen that the hernia was found. the doctor actually said "A lot of times these aren't found because doctors just don't look!"
I saw a surgeon that same week and had surgery. The surgeon said that it was a classic case hernia. So, why did it take so long for someone to find it? For whatever reason doctors I saw made assumptions and did not examine me.
My advice is for you is go to your family physician and ask if you can be examined (remove your pants) and thoroughly checked for a hernia.
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How did the doctor find it, what exam did he do and where did he find it? I am seeing a sports medicine physician in a week and I'm sure they are experienced in finding these things. You are correct though, hernia exam for me was very brief, just a touch and a cough.
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