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Testicle pain

I have had a pain in my left testicle for 6 weeks GP checked me over and prescribed antiobiotics, 2 weeks later the pain still continues it seems to dissapear around mid afternoon only to return the next day, at times my epydidimis seems swollen and a few hours later can be normal, there are no lumps of bums and my testicle itself feels normal, I have a history of kidney stones, but to be honest this does not feel like renal colic,
The symptoms are worse when seated, sometimes massaging the testicle can reduce the ache, what can I take to relieve the ache, Ibuprofen has no effect.
The pain can subside spontaneously, I had an operation to remove a kidney stone 6 months ago by retrograde ureteroscopy is it possible for fragments of stone to enter into this area from the op?
What other tests can be done to find the cause.
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I guess there are not many tests to be taken regarding this matter.
All I can say is that MAYBE you're taking inaccurate antibiotics.
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A renal colic may sometimes refer to the genitals especially if the stone is past through the lower portion of the ureters .In your case however, I do not think there is a dropped stone in the area.

I suggest that you have a scrotal ultrasound done first so that the structures within the scrotal sac may be assessed.You have mentioned of a sensation of swelling in the scrotal area so I think a scan will help ascertain if any structures are present.

Is there any tingling or burning sensation in the groin area aside from your current symptoms?

Does sitting down aggravate the pain?
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No tingling in the groin area sitting is definately a factor, no pain from the perenium area urine flow is normal and controllable, I get good days and bad days sometimes the pain goes altogether, last week I had an appointment with the urologist follow up to my kidney stone operation, I mentioned this pain, he inspected my testicles and didnt find anything untoward on a manual inspection and didnt seem to wnat to do anything but wait.
Im due for an abdominal ultrasound on April 1st for Kidney stone check
I will mention it on my return, one more thing does drinking alcohol aggrivate the inflamation of epididymitis?
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