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Testicular Pain

Hi, about a week or 2 ago I started noticing a  weird, uncomfortable feeling in my groin area. I cant really say its testicular pain because when I feel my testicles directly they dont hurt, but it feels like more something in the spermatic cord maybe. I have also noticed that my testicles are hanging as low as they usually do, which worries me. I attend a Caribbean Medical School and the clinic here is useless, I tried going there twice to see what was going on and they were of no help. I will be home in a week and plan on going to the doctor ASAP but I am worried of what I might have. Theres no abdominal pain, its usually in the right testicle, rarely in the left. Sometimes the feeling radiates to my right leg as well, causing tingling. Theres no redness, warmth, or unusual lumps. I cant feel anything weird or localize the pain. I am afraid and so worried that what I have could cause infertility. Please help me out. Will it be too late if I wait another week?
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Testicular pain can be due to injury, infection (Epididymitis or Orchitis) or inflammation, testicular torsion( most common in young men), excessive bicycle riding, hernia, varicocele, spinal causes or kidney or ureteric stones.

As there is no swelling or inflammation or redness of the scrotal sacs, so the chances of epidiymitis or orchitis are rare. In cases of hernia, a prominent bulge along with testicular pain is there and in cases of kidney or ureteric stones, pain during micturition may also be there. In your case, it can be due to excessive bicycle riding or kidney or ureteric stones.

Lab investigations like complete blood examination, urine examination, ultrasound lower abdomen and sometimes a urethral swab will help in diagnosis. Treatment will be started thereafter. My advise would be to consult a urologist.

I sincerely hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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My testicles ARENT hanging as low as usual***
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