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Testicular pain

Since last many months I feel occasional pain on the outer size of the testicular sac, ie, areas touching the thighs. My work involves long hours of sitting, and this gives me kind of burning senstation again in the testicular area. Sitting w/o u/w helps. Few nights back I had nocturnal discharge with immense pain on the outer sides of the sac. My question is this, there is no pain on ejaculation while I am awake, then why nocturnal discharge is painful?
There is no burning or pain with urination.
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Thanx for your opinion doc. I did use bicycle regularly for six months or so regularly, to commute to my work place at a distance of only 3 km one way. Not for the past two months. The seat does press upon my scrotum, more so while hunching down. Could that have initiated the pain.

Injury perhaps only from the above. Inflammation is not obvious. Torsion is not visible. I did have a USG (technician did a lower abdomen - want to know if that is right or he should have gone any lower, if that is so, I will go for a repeat) and everything was reported as normal.

What is this burning sensation please. This seems to involve the pubic area, going down the slide into the testicular area.
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Testicular pain can be due to injury, infection (Epididymitis or Orchitis) or inflammation, testicular torsion( most common in young men), excessive bicycle riding, hernia,varicocele or kidney or ureteric stones.Lab investigations like complete blood examination, urine examination, ultrasound lower abdomen and sometimes a urethral swab will help in diagnosis.

The symptom of painful nocturnal discharge points towards the possibilities of prostatitis.Pls discuss this possibility also with your urologist.Treatment will be started thereafter.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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