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Testosterone Injection Therapy

I have been on testosterone shots for almost a year now due to extremely low testosterone levels identified during my annual physical.  My numbers bottomed out around 150 over a 3 week period of testing. I had a scan to check the pituitary gland and all was normal there to at my ripe old age of 43 I started TRT.

I currently take 2 shots/week of .24ml each shot.  This was partly my decision to keep a more balanced level vs. having a significant high/low by stretching out the shots over 1-2 weeks.  My last test my testosterone was at 500 and that was midway between two shots.  

I've been at this level for the last 8 months and am happy with how I feel.  Where I'm having a "problem" is that my Dr. won't give me more than a 4 month supply at 1 time.  I have to go back every 4 months to repeat the blood work, followed up by an in person visit a week later to "check on things" where he simply ask how I'm doing and review the last set of labs.  They he'll review the script.  The Dr. claims that he has to do it this way to monitor the numbers.  

I'm on a HDHP and pay for everything out of pocket until I reach a maximum so the labs and office visit are kind of annoying and costly since it's been stable for a few different test in a row.  I feel that the Dr. is being overly thorough in an effort to make more money and in the end it's costing me personally.

Does it seem legitimate that the Dr. would demand blood work and in person visit every 4 weeks to renew the script?

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I have been on Delatestryl for about 7 years now due to having low testosterone levels after having lost my left testicle and repeated cases of orchitis.

I'm under the care of a urologist and have to come in once a year to get checked up. I can only get a three month supply of testosterone. In order to get prescription renewals, my blood work has to be in check. If testosterone is used unchecked and levels are too high, liver damage can result. Other problems can also arise if the the levels are exceeded. I too find it a pain to get this done every three months, but I have to be monitored by a doctor every two months due to other medical problems.

It is better to be sure than sorry.

All the best.

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I'm on my third injection and my doctor told me he isn't concerned with checking my blood levels. That the amount he gave me was just what I needed. Now not sure I totally agree with him as I'd like to have it checked from time to time. But I get my shots every 12 days. He won't let me give them myself so I have to go into the clinic all the time. That isn't too bad. So I guess I'm on the far end of your situation where your doctor has you coming and going where mine is sort of ignoring me.
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Hi, Even though I have to get checked upon once a year, I am able to do the inejection myself and have been doing so for many years now.
While I was in for a followup with the urologist I explained that I'm in a rural area and since I don't drive it is an inconvenience for my wife to have drive me in to get my shot. It is 40km to the nearest town. I usually am monitored by the family doctor every 2 months for other medical problems.
The urologist was Ok with having home care teach me how to inject it and thereby illiminating a monthly trip in. When I had asked my family doctors about the same thing, I was told that the injection should be done in office. The urologist had got that straigtened out for me.

The shots have to be injected to the muscle, most of the time the upper part of the buttoc is used. I have used the tigh area but that was a lot more sensative than the but.
Even though I have some problems with mobility, I have had no problems so far injecting myself. One thing that they worry about is that a patient will hit a nerve while injecting themselves. So far I have not experienced this yet. For me it is extremely important not to do any damage to the nerves as I have a neuropathy as it is.

Bring this to the urologist's attention, perhaps he can understand why you would like to do this yourself. If the testosterone was prescribed by a urologist than that would be the person to talk to. One thing that I could not figger out is how the Canadian health system would pay a doctor the office visit for an injection that takes less time then 5 minutes.

All the best.

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