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The Flu, pneumonia & Labs that are not normal

My husband has been diagnosed with the flu and pnemonia and was significantly dehydrated.  He has not urinated in 3 days and they gave him 3 bags today.  He has drank 2 16 oz glasses of water - all this since 11 am - it is now 10:15 pm and he said he went about 1 oz and that it looks reddish in color.  His labs came back out of whack but most notably was his his calcium at 17.3 (high end of normal is 10.5), his creatnine 2.13 (high end of normal is 1.30), his potassium 3.3 (low end of normal 3.3 L), his glucose 132 (high end of normal 99), his UA 10.4 (high end of normal 7,2), his CL 91 (low end of normal is 98), and his iron 52 (low end of normal 65).  Could this all be caused by the flu and the pneumonia?  Do I have reason to worry about his kidney failing?  The doctor said something about his ca being so high and possible parathyroid or cancer?  He wants to recheck all of his labs on tuesday.  He lost 16 pounds in 5 days from vomiting.  He was 6 ft and 205lbs so he was ok to lose the weight.  They gave him iv rocephin & phenergan.  1 bag of iv had sugar in it the other 2 were "normal" saline.  They sent him home with relenza, levaquin, ventolin inhaler (significant wheezing on right side), & compazine.  Thank you for you input
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Pneumonia is known to produce renal dysfunction. However, in the majority of the patients it’s something known as pre-renal dysfunction which means dysfunction of the kidney due to defects before the kidneys and the commonest cause for the same is dehydration. Dehydration leads to poor filtration in the kidneys and thus leading to the accumulation of waste products within the body. It also affects the functioning of the kidneys. Pneumonia is one of the important causes for the same as the rise in body temperature leads to considerable loss of body fluids. With rehydration in the form of oral fluids & IV fluids, everything is set into order. I am definitely concerned with such a high calcium levels. I’ll suggest repeat test as already advised as single biochemical readings can be misleading. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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Thank you so much for your reply.  It definitely makes me feel some what better.  Have a great day.
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