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The UTI that never dies!

Hello there,
I am a 21 year old female who has had a urinary tract infection for 2 months now. I have been on multiple antibiotics including oral, and intravenous. The list is as follows: Norfloxacin (they found out the bacteria was resistant to this), Apo-cefprozil, Nitrofurantoin - that was what I had tried for oral antibiotics.

The nasty little bacteria that won't die is called klebsiella, they've found it in every single culture they've done of my urine. So they decided it was time for a drastic measure: IV antibiotics. I was on Ertapenem for 7 days intravenously, and that did not work at all.

Now my family doctor has prescribed me 30 days worth of "Apo-Sulfatrim DS 800&160 mg". It has been a week since I have been taking this antibiotic and not only are the symptoms still occuring, but my entire left flank is in pain, and sore to the touch.

Should I continue with this antibiotic? Or stop and make an appointment to try something else?
I'm very worried about the pain in my left side.

Any advice would be extremely helpful.
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anyone? :(
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There has to be a reason that an acute infection continues at this level.  What test have they done to check the kidney etc.  It could very well be that you have a kidney stone that continues the infection.  As long as you have a stone you will have the infection.

A biofilm infection can also attach to any surface, medical implants, stones, and even weekend or damaged tissue.  This makes getting rid of the infection very difficult.

There are some natural meds that might also help you knock it out and work well preventatively, once they rule out other reasons for the infection.s

It is possible also that if you are married,  your husband may not show symptoms
and have a low level infection that your reinfected with.  The other questions to check out is if you have well water.  YOU can actually have a break in the seal of your well and get contaminates in your well.  It only cost about $10 to have the health dept.
test the water for bacteria.

Good Luck,
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