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The doctors say I have no bladder infection or no UTI, I have no STDS.

I've used a condom with my boyfriend, it had spermicide nonoxynol-9. At first I didn't notice anything, at the time I was prescribed Klonopin and how the body can be easily sensitive and my body has always been extremely sensitive. My whole life I've always used latex condoms lubricated but not with nonoxynol-9. Klonopin was getting into my blood stream and I noticed I was using it more, I started to urinate quite often than usual. At first it wasn't so bad, but as things progressed it got worse when my new boyfriend used nonoxynol-9 condom. Afterwards I noticed I started to urinate a lot more than usual and this has never happened to me before. As things progressed I noticed I was irritated by the condom and the doctors gave me something for it. However the urination hasn't been able to stop at all, every two hours I urinate. There's times where I won't even be drinking any water during the day and I'll still have to urinate the same amount. Before it was a lot worse, but I got antibiotics for it cause they said I had a bladder infection but they were unable to tell me what it was caused from or anything when they did a urine culture. When this didn't work, my boyfriend took me to a different doctor close to his house and they said I had no bladder infection or a UTI but the first time I went they said I did have a bladder infection. This makes no sense to me at all. My boyfriend has been tested and he has no STD's. This was something that scared me in the beginning but once I found out he had no STD's I knew that wasn't the cause at all. When I urinate, there's no pain at all, I just urinate and when I urinate I do go to the bathroom it's for a little while but not a full amount which it should be. Right now I'm at a loss for words and this has me really worried about why I'm urinating so often. I urinate every 2 hours and I know this isn't normal to me. This is causing a lot of stress for me right now and I'm starting to get deeply depressed cause I have no idea what's going on with my body. I know when you have a UTI, there's usually burning. When I talked to the second doctor, he said I had no bladder infection but I told him I'm peeing every two hours and I normally don't pee this often. I'm also waking up in the middle of the night and urinating and this has never been a case for me before. I usually can sleep through the night in no problem. Is it possible that I still have a bladder infection, cause it didn't seem like the antibiotic worked when I took it the first time. The first doctor put me on Cipro and it calmed it down a little, but now I'm urinating every two hours. I can drink a lot of fluids and still only pee for a little while when I normally should pee a lot. Can you please tell me what you think what is going on here? I keep posting it on Forums and asking for advice but nobody seems to know what's going on. Thank you.
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