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Three weeks after TURP, is it dangerous to receive anal sex?

I'm a 61 year old bi male. I have a partner who is a top and my question is concerning whether there can be damage to the prostrate if I receive anal sex.  
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Normally doctors give directions post TURP and they normally include when you can resume sexual activity.  I guess your question is a little different than when you can have sex as that usually presumes that you are the one entering the vagina or anus.  That guideline is usually after 4 weeks post TURP.  I'd wait a minimum of 4 weeks if you are not going to ask your doctor for specifics on this.  I really think I would not be bashful and get guidance from your surgeon. They don't care what your sexual activity is but wait the full 4 weeks and consider asking your doctor if that is long enough to be the receiver.  
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