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Tip of penis(glans) is yellow( 2 sides of the urethra)

Dear all,

Im 28 years old and i was masturbating today when suddenly I heard like a "krack" sound when cuming. I was very anxious and look at my penis. Nothing usual but then I saw that an the head of the penis, the skin was yellow..near where urine came out. I was anxious and start searching on google what it can be. I was panicking because I couldn't arouse myself... so just to test if all is good...i watched a "movie" to arouse myself..it was difficult but finally i was hard again and ejaculated.

But my penis is still yellow..seem like their is no blood flows?... [read this on google]

No swelling or other bruises can be found on the penis. Just a mild bearable pain....

Can anyone help me to understand and ease my anxieties pls? Thanks a lot

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Boy, it's time to relax. You likely bruised yourself. And you said clearly you watched a 'movie' and became erect and masturbated after this event. Things 'work'. But your anxiety about your penis may be causing you less arousal. My guess is if you relax and let yourself heal, all will be fine. Stop googling and doctor checking and just go on about life. In 4 weeks if it is not better, then readdress. But relax until then.
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Did a Penile Doppler Examination

Results ___

The penis is sonologically investigated in the flaccid state no medication is administered in this study.

There is a small pyramidal area of altered heterogeneous increased echogenicity seen in the right lateral corpora. There is no associated abnormal vascularity seen. No well-defined bilateral fracture of the corpora is seen in this study. Sonological suggestion of post traumatic contusion needs to be considered.

The structure of the corpora is seen to be otherwise normal on Grey scale evaluation.

There is no evidence of any focal calcific/ echogenic areas / focal lesions seen.

The duplex colour pickup is seen to  be adequate billaterally.


Sonological suggestion of likely contusion of the corpora in the proximal right lateral thirds as described.

Kindly correlate clinically and consider pharmacological evaluation if indicated.

End of result..

Any help please??????
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I went to the ER and they checked my penis. They saw nothing unusual but acknowledged the yellow bruise and the tip of the penis. I've also told the doctor that I cant arouse myself anymore. My penis doesnot react when I caress it or when try to play with it.

So the doctor still says that he cant see anything unusual except the yellow bruise. But they decided to do an ultrasound to check. The result came back and their was nothing usual except that i have some fluid in the right testis. They told me that it was not something bad and gave me paracetamol for pain.

Now im home and still wondering why my penis would not react to anything..even porn..
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I went to check the issue with a surgeon too. I clearly explained that when sleeping, my penis stayed flaccid when having wet dreams. So he checked my penis and give me diclofenac. What can I do pls? I need help guys
Anyone can help or advise me please.

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