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Torn ureter in stone removal

  My wife, age 73,underwent a kidney stone removal internally by
  way of the urethra. The stone was successfully removed from the
  ureter but in the process the ureter wall was ruptured. A ureter
  stent was inserted as a result and is to be left in place for
  one month. It has now been 2 1/2 weeks and she has been in
  considerable discomfort as a result of this.
  My questions are these:
  1)How common is it to tear the ureter in this procedure? Precen-
  tages, etc.?
  2)Is there risk in removal of the stent? How much risk, if so?
  I really appreciate your help with the above. Thank you in advance.

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Dear Ernest,
Complications after ureteroscopy stone basketing can be classified as major (those requiring immediate or delayed surgical intervention) or minor ( those responding to conservative or ureteral catheter drainage).    The reported incidence is upto 35% in some older series, however, more recent series the complication rate is less than 10%.  It is difficult to comment on your wife
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