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Trace of KETONES and protein in urine. Help!

I just realized i put kenotes and not ketones in my last post. No idea what i was thinking. Anyway, wanted to fix that and just made a new thread. I have more info too I forgot to add before. So I will add my previous info as well as the new.

OK, so my Dr said my urinalysis came back with trace of ketones and protein in my urine. He said its probably not significant and should check it again another day.

Can someone tell me how common or uncommon that is? I hadnt eatin like like 16 hours before hand, except for alittle something maybe 20 minutes before I gave the urine sample. Could this have caused it?

I was really worried since I get cloudy urine after eating dairy, and only after dairy. And I had another problem i was there for. So my heart was racing and felt like it was gonna come out of my chest. My BP was 150/90. However, usually, its about 117/75. Bothe when I am there on less stressful times, and also I monitor it at home.

My Dr also told me he has no concerns of me being diabetic since no glucose showed up in my urine samples. Both the dip stick as well as the lab samples.

Like I said, i was at the Dr around 1:30pm, and I hadnt eatin since dinner the night before. He mentioned that could have caused the ketones on the dipstick test. Could this, as well as the stress I was under, cause the trace amounts of protein?

Between the dipstick test, and the lab test, I had gone home, had something to drink, and alittle something to eat. Maybe 40 minutes later, I produced the lab sample. But I read that the urine reading can lag 2 to 4 hours behind what ur body is actually doing. Later in the night, after eating, I used ketostix reagent strips for ketone testing, and it was negative. All tests since have also been negative.

Any feedback would be great. Like I said the Dr said its PROBABLY not significant and to check again another time. But I cant help but worry. Im just curious how serious this could be. Arte my Kidneys likely damaged? Or are trace amounts of protein normal for the conditions I was under? Thanks.
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Aside from the trace protein and ketones in the urine are there other relevant urinary findings?

Were there rbc's noted, white bood cells casts and  bacteria in the urine?

If these other elements are present and significant then further evaluation is needed.

Based on what you have posted,you have submitted your urine after a 16 hour fast (is this correct?).I would like to agree with your physician that this could have led to the ketonuria.Ketonuria given hours of fasting may be insignificant.As shown in your case, the ketonuria was not noted during repeat analysis which may strengthen the previous statement.

As for the proteinuria, you may have what they call asymptomatic proteinuria.Exercises, certain infections,fever ,and certain medications may led to proteinuria during urinalysis. Is this true in your case?

At this point, I do not think there is a kidney probem present here. Kidney disease usually presents with proteinuria associated with hematuria or blood in the urine. To be sure, a 24 hour urine sample collection for quantitative urine protein determination may be done.  Serum creatinine and BUN may also be taken to assess renal function.
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Hello. He did not mention anything other than trace protein and trace ketones.

Like I said, before I gave the 2nd sample, I had only eatin maybe  a half hour to 40 minutes prior, so I dont know if it could have entered the blood yet.

I have not been on any meds, or exercised, or any of that before my urine sample. However, besides my fasting so long, I also had not drrank much water at all that day. And I had been on my feet all day at work. Plus I was under really bad stress, as I was extremely nervous about going to the Dr that day. It was so bad that my BP went from the usual 117/75 up to 150/90. Not sure if any of that could cause protein in the urine.

Are ketostix usually reliable for ketones? I have been using those and getting negative readings.

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Your subsequent tests have been negative. Stress, cold and engaging in certain exercises can alter or influence urinalysis results.

Ketostix has been found to be efficient enough in determining the presence of ketosis even in subclinical (asymptomatic) ketotic states.Using cow's milk as a sampleketostix has been found to be about 92% specific, which means that in 92% of the time , negative tests are indeed true negatives.Sensitivity was at about 80%.This tells us that in 20% of cases, those which are tested positive may actually be falsely positive (http://www.cababstractsplus.org/google/abstract.asp?AcNo=20043062472), .

"Ketones resulting from either diabetic ketosis or some other form of calorie deprivation (starvation) are easily detected using dipsticks containing sodium nitroprusside. It is based on Rothera’s reaction principle and on the development of colors, ranging from buff-pink for a negative reading to purple when acetoacetate reacts with nitropruside.  It also detects acetone but not beta-hydroxybutyrate. Interference can be produced by the use of expired reagents (degradation with exposure to moisture in air).  The test only measures acetoacetate but no other ketone bodies such as beta-hydroxybutyric acid (Rebound Ketosis). Other Tests more sensitive are Ketostix (more sensitive tablet version of same assay) and serum glucose measurement to confirm Diabetic ketoacidosis."

Source:www.uchsc.edu/pathology/didactic/presentations/Urinalysis05-24-06.doc -

Discuss this with your physician.At this point, I may suggest that you have your fasting blood glucose levels monitored. A repeat urinalysis may be done just to definitely establish the absence of protein and ketones.
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I should have flucose checked even though they found no trace of glucose in the urine?

My Dr specifically told me that it was not diabetes as none showed up on the urine test.

I specifically asked that as it was my fear, and he mentioned ketones are normally found in diabetics.

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Oops, meant glucose
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