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Traces of Bolood in urine ( 12 yr old )

      Re: Traces of Bolood in urine ( 12 yr old )

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Posted by HFHS M.D.-SS on March 11, 1998 at 10:01:01:

In Reply to: Traces of Bolood in urine ( 12 yr old ) posted by Mrs A.A. on March 09, 1998 at 15:38:46:
  Dear DR,
          I have come across a few places in medical areas, and happen to read about blood in the urine, which has me concerned.
        My daughter has had traces of blood in her urine since she was 4 yrs old. The was from America and so I had all trust in him that if there was anything to be concerned about he would let me know. Well I live in Qatar now and the lab also showed she has blood in the urine and she is 12 yrs now. Should I be concerned and demand some kind of test? What should any symptoms be, in this so I can see if Im missing something here.
                                      Very Concerned
  PS The information I read was on HEMATURIA (could she have this and me not know? )
Mrs AA
Thank you for your question regarding your daughter. Presence of blood  in the urine is called hematuria, and when it is present in microscopic amount, it is called microscopic hematuria. Your concern is justifiable.  Most common causes of hematuria are injury, urinary infection and  stones in the urinary tract.  If your daughter had no symptoms at all of any kidney or bladder problems she probably is all right. In fact extensive work up of microscopic hematuria usually does not yield any major disease process. If your daughter has not had a urine  test   wherein  it was seen under the microscope, she should probably have that. You may need to have  an ultrasound of the kidney and the urinary bladder as well. A plain  Xray of the abdomen should be  performed to rule out stones, especially if  you  are living in Qatar.  It  is common to have blood and protein in the urine  after a sore throat in children and some blood test to rule out nephritis is usually performed. If ultrasound shows any abnormality she may need further studies to rule out reflux passage of urine up from the bladder to the kidney) especially if she ever had infection in the urine. Finally, certain hematologic diseases, including sickle cell anemia or trait, are also associated with microscopic hematuria, and these may be tested for.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.
Thank you and we would be happy to answer any further questions.
*KEYWORD: microhematuria

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