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Treatment: "Poor blood flow out of the penis" and other questions

Well, I went to a urologist, today.  He told me that I had three issues: 1) mild epididymitis, 2) varicose veins near the base of the penis and along the left side, and 3) poor blood flow out of the penis.  For all three, he told me there was no treatment worthwhile.  When I told him that the epididymitis was a chronic issue for me, and it was often very painful, he gave me a few tips.  For example, he told me to avoid riding a bicycle, not sit down for long periods of time, etc.  He also gave me a 3-week regimen of antibiotics.

About antibiotics: having taken them in the past, I have no faith in this.  I've had a problem with epididymitis for about 12 years, now.  I've only ever taken "normal"-strength antibiotics.  These antibiotics are normal-strength antibiotics.  They're the kind I imagine you would receive if you had a flu, a strep throat, or a minor surgery (like a wisdom tooth removal).  I think those would have worked.  The doctor told me to "abandon this treatment option" if the antibiotics didn't work, though.  I've read online that stronger antibiotics can be used, though.  I wonder if I should really abandon this treatment strategy, or if I should seek out the stronger medicine, while I'm young?

About the possible alternatives: when I brought up the idea of having a vasectomy, the doctor nearly laughed me out of his office.  I read that it was an option, so I brought it up, of course.  I wouldn't mind having a vasectomy (in fact, I want to have one).  Would this be a cure for the epididymitis?  If so, I'm anxious to get one; however, I may want to have children some day, and I wonder where I would be able to save some sperm and how much it would cost?

About "varicose veins": the doctor told me 20-25% of men have them in their penis, and that it is untreatable.  My research has told me about the same.  There are many treatments for women who have varicose veins, though.  If it's treatable, I'd like to treat it.  If doing something simple like wearing lamb skin, or even getting an injection into the vain, is effective, I can't see any reason not to.  Even simply for cosmetic reasons, it seems worthwhile if there are no serious risks for me.

Now, the real question: what should I do about  "poor blood flow out of the penis"?  It's strange because online, there are thousands of pages devoted to erectile dysfunction, in which blood flow into the penis is a problem.  I couldn't find any pages about the opposite, though.  More specifically, he may have said that I had poor blood flow out of my scrotum or left testicle.  Blood flow seems like a major issue.  If there's anything that can be done, I'd really like to find help.
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