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Treatment of Kidney Cysts

I have what looks like a kidney cyst that is beginning to bleed intermittently.  Surgurgical exploration of the cyst is recommended.  What can I expect in terms of recovery in the time immediately following such surgery? The longer term effects?

I am 37, Black Male and in very good shape.  I am a Martial artist and intitially discovered this problem in December of 1998.  I didn't start getting the bleeding until a recent fall in my martial arts practice.  Now I am getting spontaneous bleeds without any activity.

Thank you,

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Dear Michael,
What you have described is almost classic for what could potentially happen to kidney cysts.  These cysts
could bleed spontaneously without any trauma, but this not very common.  A traumatic event such as you described usually leads to bleeding.  Sometimes these are self limited and do not pose any major problems.  In your case., however, it appears that you continue to have rebleeds.  This is a proper indication for surgery.  This is of course a major procedure, but it is routinely done by most urologists.
  Given the profile you have given of yourself, you are a good surgical candidate.  The recovery period from this surgery is quite variable depending on the individual.  If all goes well ,one should expect a good six week period before returning to full activity.  In your case, you should expect a longer period of convalescence before resuing your activities as a martial artist.  
As far as long term effects go, you should not expect any major health problems or insufficiencies from this surgery, especially if the surgery would involve excision of the cyst or even partial excision of the kidney tissue.  In case of partial excision of the kidney, your hospital stay may be longer, 5 to 7 days compared to the usual 2 to 3 days.  Also the recovery period and return to full activity would be longer.
All in all you should do well.  It is a good idea to go over your questions with your urologist to be sure you have a mutual undestading of the quetions and concerns.

This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.  Please consult you
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