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Trouble down under

After discovering your great website and extensive knowledge, I thought I'd ask you about a pain issue I suddenly encountered in the perineum area of my groin.

First, about me: I'm a 48 year old male, healthy and married.

Some background: Like most men, I recently visited my doctor about some possible ED issues (sometimes slow to get erection, sometimes not lasting).  Issues that occurred about 50% of the time.  As my doctor told me, "About 95% of men will have some sort of issue.  Then other 5% are lying." So, with that reassurance, he prescribed me Viagra.  The next opportunity I had to make love to my wife I took 1/2 pill and had no issues whatsoever.

However, the next day, still feeling kinda excited (and with my wife working long hours), I decided to relieve some the sexual tension and started to pleasure myself.  While reclining in a chair, I was being easy, calm and gentle with my erection when (about 15 minutes into things) I suddenly felt a quick, sharp pain (not terrible intense) at the underside of my perineum, nearer more the scrotum then the anus. The sharpness transistioned to a dull yet painful (enough to give me trouble falling alseep) aching in that whole region that lasted until the next day when things began to subside.  Sitting was painful the next day, but tolerable as long as I sat forward a bit. Painful sitting became less and less an issues as the days past. About 3 days later, with the pain substantially lesser, I tested the area again with light masterbating.  Unfortunately, the dull pain returned, lasted about a day, and subsiding again.  Last night, on whim to see if there is anything noticable externally, I lightly felt down in my perineum in the area where the pain was originating from.  I touched apon something that kinda felt like a very small bump or ridge under the skin and it instantly mimmick the sharp pain and subsequent dull aching. Thats when I began to worry.

I'm hopeful it's something that'll clear up on it's own due to the fact that the pain subsides and I have no history of this pain in the past.  However, I am concerned that the pain is easily induced and will always re-occur with an erection and, Viagra or not, that is not going to be pleasant.

I'm looking for an expert take on the situation.
Thank you!
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How are you? Aside from the bump, what other symptoms are present? If the bump has not subsided since, further evaluation may be warranted. While sildenafil or viagra side effects may include headache; upset stomach; and back pain; it may also cause musculoskeletal issues such as myalgia, tendon rupture, tenosynovitis, bone pain, and synovitis. Cold pack and pain medication may help provide relief but it is best that you have this evaluated further for proper diagnosis. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you for your response.

Since my post, I can clarify a bit more as to the symptoms.  I took a visual look at my perineum area (not an easy task, btw), and don't really see anything in the way of a bump or swelling or anything.  For the most part, this specific area doesn't give me much pain except if I put some light-moderate pressure on the spot or aggatate the spot, then I feel some of the dull aching.  I purposely have not messed with any more than that for fear of causing real pain. When I sit more directly on the spot I feel some minor discomfort, like at work or in the car. When I'm standing or laying down or relaxing without direct pressure, I feel next to nothing.  It doesn't keep me up at night, and I haven't felt the need for pain medication if I'm careful not to aggravate the spot. Curiously, when I first noticed the pain, I was sitting down in a chair with a hard erection, and that prompted me to think I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve or something (and, btw, my doctor seems to agree.  As he put it, "there's nothing down there but muscle and nerve").  Since then, I have tested the waters and masterbated while lying down and (to my relief) this did not yield any pain. This makes me wonder if it's something to do with prolonged poor posture, stress (i've had alot of that in my life recently), and an extremely tight pelvic floor region and, with the perfect storm, I pulled something...?
My doctor didn't really have an answer for me other than what I mentioned above (muscle, nerve). If that's the case, what's the time period for healing? I had a complete urinalysis just days prior to the first recognition of this issue due to some tip pain in my penis, but the testing showed nothing in the way baterial infection or increased WBC.  We discussed prostate, but he really didn't feel this was a cause given my age and history.  I don't think it's urinary ubstruction or abscess relating to a stricture because I haven't had any kind of trauma in that region of my pelvis (or any region) and I don't see any real change in my urination habits.  Thanks!
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I agree with your attending physician,  cause may be due to muscle or nerve issues. Healing time varies depending on a lot of factors such as your activity, medical history and symptoms present. Give it a  week or so,  and  I recommend that you go back for follow-up for reevaluation.  While stress and posture may be indirect cause, it  may also  be necessary to address these issues. Take care and best regards.
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