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Tuberculosis of the Bladder

  Seeking information on Tuberculosis of the Bladder.  Symptoms, treatments, cure rate, etc.  Have been preliminarily diagnosed with this disease, awaiting culture results.  Have had pre-cancerous tumors removed from bladder, with surrounding tissue inflamed.  At three month check up tumors were gone but surrounding tissue was worse.  History of TB in family, and had extensive blood transfusions approximately 20 years ago.  Also can this spread to other organs such as the kidneys?
Dear Joey,
The primary site of involvement of TB is the lungs. The leading secondary site of involvement is the genitourinary tract. The usual route of spread is from the lungs to the kidneys via bloodborne infection.  In case of a new onset infection or in individuals with reactivation of dormant TB , infection of the kidneys may occur. Kidney involvement is often silent . Presentation is usually with vague urinary symptoms. In males tuberculous infection of epididymis or bladder is seen early. Females may present with bladder pain and burning on urination.  Tuberculosis of the bladder is usually from passage of infected urine from kidneys into the bladder. In a similar way the ureters and the prostate could become involved with TB.  Diagnosis is made by finding TB bacteria in urine or semen. Also a skin tuberculin test should be done. The standard therapy is with multiple antibiotics including Isoniazid, Ethambutol, Rifampin and Pyridoxine. Choice of antibiotics should be made with sensitivity results from bacterial cultures in mind.  Duration of therapy is usually long term (two years)., however shorter courses of therapy (4 months) have also been undertaken. Close follow-up and evaluation by the treating physician(s) is necessary.
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