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Turp permanent retrograde ejaculation(re) is devastating

First of all, I want to digress to this young guy's post about him being so depressed about having a curved penis.  That discussion evidently is old and closed.  All I have to say to him is, you are so trivial and self absorbed that you can't see how other conditions our outcomes of urological procedures, are much worse.  My god!  you make me sick.

I am a 57 year old male.  I had a Turp done, and the doctor never told me before hand about not being able to ejaculate  ever again.  Furthermore there is a relationship between re and dulled or even painful orgasm. He denies that.  If this money grabbing, insolent, young urologist would have not committed malpractice(in my view) by virtue of the fact he never told me about re(retrograde ejaculation), I would have continued self cathetering.  And besides 6 months after the procedure I have to self catheter again.  And all he tells me is that I'll see you in 6 months.  

Since I had a nervous condition most of my life(caused by iatrogenic psychiatry), I probably haven't had the amount of sexual experience with another woman as a 25 year old male.  But about several years ago my iatrogenic neurosis started to diminish and was seeing woman, having some girlfriends, and sharing sex with them.  

But just as it seemed my life was amazingly becoming one of more happiness than emotional suffering, I started to have a severe problem with the bladder not emptying fully.  That was about one year ago....but let me get to my main points:

*Hey young guy with bent penis(alot of men have a banana shaped "hard ons" and so do I) count your blessings.  How would you like to go what I am going through and other males even with worse problems than mine, like not being able to get an erection at all, etc.?!

*Why does it seem in this for profit medical system that part of the hypocratic oath "first do no harm" does not come to mind to too many doctors, hospitals, etc?

*In fact, I think I would be rather be castrated then to still be aroused and have no or painful climax and semen.

*I think if a doctor does not tell you about all the possibilities good and bad, prior to a procedure, it should be a legitimate case of malpractice.  However since neo liberalism and survival of the fittest are the economic system we live in here in the USA, And the wealthy elite have much vested in the for profit health system, it would be a cold day in hell for an attorney to take your case.

*You would think that in this day and age there would be an implant, procedure, genetic engineering, etc that could cure iatrogenic(caused by the procedure or the doctor)permanent retrograde ejaculation.

*Yes I know I am sounding like a hypocrite now focusing on myself just like the young guy with the curved penis, but unlike him I care about others who suffer like I do or even more than I do.  

*However suffering and contemplating ending your life is relative.  quite frankly I don't want to live anymore in this life of mine that is been mostly one of suffering, and especially the last year seemingly non constant, albeit cyclical in intensity, suffering.

Is there anyone here that can give me some advice and some hope, consumer or doctor?  I am on a very low ssi for disability, don't have much money but I would do my all to go to another country, no matter how far to get my re fixed and be able to ejaculate again

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Hi there!

I understand the situation you must be going through. Well, retrograde ejaculation is a very common complication of TURP and it surprises me that it wasn’t mentioned as a side effect when the procedure was suggested. This can be pursued legally and you could possible discuss with a lawyer. Medically there are a few drugs that can be tried, though these may not show benefit in TURP cases and though there are a few surgeries available, these have shown inconsistent results. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by a urologist, preferably at a university/ teaching hospital for suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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thank you for your concern. god bless you
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Do you think part of my depression for no longer being to be able to ejaculate anymore is in part, more or less psychological?  That aside,  fact is you just don't feel like part of the human race anymore.  I mean human beings would be extinct if males in evolution no longer could ejaculate.  I have read a few posts where men have said they have no problem with retrograde ejaculation(re).  But by far, the majority of us on this forum and others I have read or posted on are depressed and even angry at having to live with permanent re.  I wish I could find a local support, face to face support group of males with re and other urological problems.  It has come to the point that whenever I am around women(e.g. grocery shopping) I become very depressed and irritable.  Even hearing any reference to sex makes me depressed.
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Part of your reply was: "...Medically there are a few drugs that can be tried, though these may not show benefit in TURP cases and though there are a few surgeries available, these have shown inconsistent results..."

I would be grateful if you could reply with what those few surgeries(albeit inconsistent)that are for the correction of anatomical damaged(e.g.TURP induced)retrograde ejaculation.

looking forward for your reply
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