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Turp retrograde ejaculation treatments, surgeries, implants to reverse

I had a TURP about a year ago.  I am still devastated by the marked decrease in adequate sexual release via orgasm. I am convinced that the removal of my prostate via turp and thus the inability to ejaculate semen out of the penis is related after reading many other complaints by men on this forum and others who have the same post turp dissatisfaction with orgasm.

Dr. S. Kaul, MD, I am thankful for your reply to one of my posts.  You wrote their are a few surgeries, albeit inconsistent, in correcting retrograde ejaculation. But you did not write what these surgeries or procedures are.

I would be most grateful if you or another doctor or fellow patient member can inform me specifically what these surgeries or procedures are.

The link to my post is below:

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Hi again!

The surgeries include reconstruction of the internal vesical sphincter, revision innervation etc. I would suggest consulting a urologist preferably at a university/ teaching hospital for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan. I would also recommend discussing the pros and cons of each type of surgery well in detail before considering one.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thank you Dr. Kaul. At the very least you have given me some hope which I have utterly lost. Indeed, I will be very careful, serious, and thorough  about discussing of the possible procedures you have passed on to me, And do more research after a consultation. And I will give serious thought to the pros and cons instead of hastily accepting such a reconstructive procedure.  I wish I would have done that before having TURP.  But again the urologist never told me prior about post TURP RE.

my heart felt best to you Dr. Kaul
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I hate to bother you again.  But when you have the time or another expert doctor at medhelp does, I would like to know what those "etc" procedures or treatments are or what the ones you know of.

Again, my heart felt feelings for your answers and encouragement.

btw, It says you are in India in your profile.  India is one of the great history of humanity's birth places of civilization. I had two Indian room mates in college and they were some of the kindest and interesting people I have ever known.   And they accepted me right away as a friend and I am your average white american of european extraction. Hence, I have a special place in my heart for Indians and hope there will finally be peace between Pakistan and India.  And I feel the responsibility for that antagonism is Great Britain in the late 1940's and the US empire today.  I am an American who wants the US empire to end and return USA as an equal member in the world's family of nations.  Then there will be much more peace in the world. Sorry for getting off topic. Nothing personal.  I hope you are happy with a mate and/or family.  I am in no way "trying to get friendly with you".  I am just trying to express my respect and gratitude for your encouraging and informative replies. peace.
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o  I do have the very same feelings about unexpected consequences from TURP you so eloquently described. At this later stage, would you be willing to inform me and perhaps others of any possible surgical or otherwise remediation of the retrograde ejaculation disaster.
My best and hoping to hear from you.
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