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UTI Help?

I am admittedly not a water drinker; I can't just casually sit down and have a glass of water like most people, but I've never had a problem with that before. About three years ago I had an episode where I felt the urgency to urinate frequently, and the urine was clear, and in very small quantities. The episode went away after a day or so, and I didn't have a problem with it again up until this year. I had been drinking Tropicana Berry Punch with meals, and that's when the episode started again, only longer this time; I switched to Ocean Spray Cran-Grape and the problem went away, and only when I had a soda (dark soda, e.g.  Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke) or briefly went back to drinking Tropicana would it come back almost immediately.

I thought I had a UTI, a bladder infection or kidney failure or something of the sort, but there were these conflicting problems:

I feel no pain or discomfort in my kidney area
I don't have pain or burning when I urinate
There is no blood or any other alarming symptoms when I urinate

Can someone give me any idea as to what is going on here? And yes, I'm already well aware of the fact that I need to drink more water, and I am working on that as we speak, so let's skip that part. Is there a name for this or something? Am I seriously sick? Your answers are very appreciated
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