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UTI: How many doses of antibiotic before I should start to feel better?

  I have thus far taken 4x100mg capsules of Macrobid to treat a UTI, and I am still experiencing discomfort (although not as intense as I initially was). How many more tablets before I should become suspicious that I have a resistant strain of bacteria? In the past, I have felt better a few hours after a single dose of Septra, so I am already a little suspicious.
Dear Dale,
It would be important to know how old you are to determine how urgent and how concerned you should be about your infections.  It is not normal for males to have urinary tract infections, particularly if you are younger.  It sounds like you have had multiple infections and I hope you are followed by a urologist.  Infections usually occur for a reason.  Either you have some anatomic abnormality which needs to be addressed, you are unable to eliminate all of your urine when you void or you are harboring an infection inside of your body.
Each antibiotic works in a different fashion. Macrobid is almost exclusively filtered by the kidneys and expelled in the urine.  I would expect that you would see an improvement after taking the antibiotic for several days.  If you don
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