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UTI is cleared but still having side effects

So on the 24th of December I was drinking as it was Christmas Eve and I noticed a terrible burning sensation (I have had several UTI's in the past but this pain even made me sweat) when I went to the restroom I had temporary relief until I would stop peeing. The 25th came (Christmas) and I was so busy with that so I did not take the time to properly fix myself. Then the 26th came and the burning sensation and constant pain worsened, so I purchased AZO over the counter. It seemed to slightly help but was still in terrible pain. I finally visited the Urgent Care of Baptist on the 27th of December and I was tested positive for a UTI. I was given Macrobid and Phenazopyridine. After taking the prescription AZO (Phenazopyridine) I felt slightly better but still not well. I had this dull throbbing pain in my urethra near my bladder.

Finally it was January 3rd and I visited a regular doctor because i was not seeing improvement. He stated my urine cultures didnt seem as if they were growing but he did put me on Bactrim and told me to take probiotics and alot of cranberry and water.

then the 8th of January came and I was not feeling much relief from that dull throbbing uncomfortable pain near my bladder and urethra so I saw my PCP and she prescribed me more prescription AZO and did another urine analysis which came back negative for UTI. She is sending me to get a ultrasound of my pelvis and kidneys.

At this point I am still highly uncomfortable with that dull pain which sometimes throbs. It has woken me up in the middle of night sweating and nauseas but no fever. I am truly scared and wondering if I will feel any better. I am 26 years old and extremely healthy.

Any advice or suggestions? I have tried D-Mannose and cranberry pills as well as tumeric but not seeing much of a improvement.

Thank you !
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