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Uncomfortable feeling in scrotum

Hoping for some assistance with this matter - has been troubling me for about 3 weeks now.

Many coincidental factors play in this issue so I realize there may be some trouble in diagnosis.

I am a healthy and fit 30 year old sexually active male. I am STD free and don't have multiple partners. My girlfriend of 1 year is also the same. About 1 month ago, we stopped having intercourse only because she had a fever blister on her lip (the hypochondriac in me).

Once this blister disappeared, also coinciding with her finishing her menstrual cycle, we had sex. Normal everything.I have also used an erection ring for about 1 year, not too tight, but a little tight at the time of this occurence. Upon ejaculation, I felt extreme tightness in my scrotum and immediately removed the ring.

The next morning, I proceeded to also shave my genital area as I tend to usually do. However, the next day, small clustered bumps appeared (about 10) around the areas I shaved. I also had severe shooting pains in my scrotum that same day into the next, radiating to my right leg. I thought nothing of it and let it go for another day. I went to my GP and he diagnosed the bumps as molluscum which he proceeded to burn off with liquid nitrogen. I then asked him to look at the testicles, to which he felt no abnormality (upon very brief physical exam). He said there may be slight epididymitis and gave me Cipro 500mg for 7 days...to no avail. Urinalysis came up fine and I had no rash on my scrotum that I could notice.

I went back to explain and he insisted it was nothing to worry about and the uncomfortable, pinching feeling I feel in my scrotum, predominantly on the right side, was nothing or a result of the shaving (hair growing back and sticking to underwear, snags etc.)

Another week went by and I still feel like right testicle is swollen or something is pinching it. So I went to another GP for a second opinion, explained it all, and upon another physical exam and this time my first prostate exam, he said it could be acute prostatitis, gave me Saw Palmetto and put me back on Cipro for 4 weeks saying initial 7 days was not enough. That was this week.

I still feel a slight pinching or swollen sensation in my scrotum. I'm worried the ring caused irreversible damage and asked for a scrotal ultrasound, to which both doctors advised against. They said this was common and cut caffeine, alcohol and spices as prostatitis could lead to refractory pain elswehere close to the prostate.

So I'm into my 4th week of this feeling. I'm really worried still, on ejaculation, there is a slight pain but ever so slight. No pain when urinating. The pain is like a small pinch on the side and underneath the scrotum, no where near the prostate. Right testicle feels bigger than normal but on inspection, still looks ok. The molluscum is there still as well, the ones he burnt are sort of gone but some remain.

Please help!

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Difficult to say without examination.

At this time, since the symptoms are still present despite antibiotics, I would consider some imaging - including a scrotal ultrasound.  This can evaluate for any epididymitis as well as any other scrotal mass or pathology.  

Prostatitis can be considered as well.  There are some cases that require a longer-term course of antibiotics (sometimes 4-12 weeks).  A prostatic massage can be done - any fluid can then be sent for analysis and culture.  Further imaging including a transrectal ultrasound can be done to image the prostate for any abscess.  

I would consider another opinion with a urologist.  These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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