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Undescended testicle at age 30

I had hydrocele repair on my right testicle at age 2. My left testicle has remained undescended. From time to time I have had swelling and pain issues with my left groin but recently there has been higher frequency of swelling in left groin and small mass in left scrotum. From what I have read it seems like inguinal hernia.
I saw a urologist mainly for swelling but I received the dreaded news of zero sperm count. My urologist wants to remove the left testicle (CT scan showed no cancer in the abdomen testicle) and the infertility specialist wants to do testicular biopsy on right to find sperms. Swelling in groin (hernia?) seems lowest priority with fathering children the highest. My questions are:
1. Is it possible to continue to monitor the left testicle as I do not want its removal to interfere with my fertility?
2. I read that the risk factor of having testicle removing surgery outweighs its benefits later in life; what are the risks of having this surgery later in life?
3. Although left testicle is not contributing any sperms but it seems to be supplying testosterone, is it possible to descend it in scrotum rather than remove it completely?
4. If I had orchiectomy or orchiopexy, would that fix both problems for me, i.e., cancer risk and hernia? Or is there an option of having just inguinal hernia surgery to correct the groin swelling problem and wait.
5. Could hydrocele repair have caused zero sperm count? What are the chances of finding the sperms in biopsy?
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