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Undiagnosed penile injury causing significant dysfunction

The injury occurred 6 months ago. More on that below. I have been to two urologists since then. Both of them waved me off and said I should heal in a few months. I'm still nowhere near back to fully healed. Neither of them could tell me, definitively, what is going on.


Six months ago, I was having admittedly rough sex (and was a little drunk) and my penis head kept on pushing hard against the back of the guy's throat. I didn't really feel anything during this except for a stinging sensation, but I (extremely stupidly) kept on going. My erection was maintained, and I ended up getting another erection later that night. (So it was not a so-called penile "fracture," etc.). Everything looked normal.

Fast forward to the following morning, and my penis has completely shriveled up while flaccid and is tingling/stinging to my extreme discomfort. There is a moderate amount of pain and significant discomfort/tingling for the next several weeks, and months. Because of this, I was not able to get an erection for several weeks.

A couple weeks after the incident, I did go to the urologist, who did an ultrasound and didn't find any issues or scar tissue.


But six months later, while my symptoms have thankfully improved, things are still very much not back to normal. My penis in its flaccid state looks severely diminished compared to how it used to look when flaccid. When erect, I believe the length is the same as it was before. But the flaccid length, girth, and overall appearance is notably smaller. I was always a "grower" not a shower, so to speak, but I don't understand why my flaccid state has become so diminished.

I am able to get erections, but they are not nearly as hard as they used to be, and they disappear quite readily, almost immediately, unless I keep my focus. I used to get erections that I literally could not get rid of without jacking off. This is a major issue.

My ejaculations are also significantly weaker than before. Ejaculatory distance has decreased to pretty much nothing, where it used to be quite larger.

Whenever I elevate my legs, I get a moderate amount of penile discomfort, pain, and tingling. Though I have good weeks and bad weeks, this is still occurring.


The main question I need answers to is: What the hell happened? One of my urologists thinks it was a nerve injury. But if that's the case, why haven't I fully healed? And how does that explain the look of my flaccid penis, which is substantially different from before?

Any insights and advice would be sincerely appreciated.

27 y/o, M
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