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Unexplained Pelvic Symptoms

Six weeks of multi-symptom "weirdness" in the pelvic region and i can't take it anymore.  it started with sporadic spurts of pain that originated in the lower abdomen and radiated to the testicular area.  believe it or not, it is quite hard to isolate if the pain was actually in the testicles.  they don't hurt to touch or palpate.  was manually checked for hernia and during normal "poking and prodding" exam of the inguinal (sp?) canal i experienced a level of nausea that forced me to a chair.  was sent for an emergency look where they did a urine and blood workup and a CT scan.  Scan covered from chest tothe top of the bladder area (which i don't understand why they didn't go lower).  blood checked out.  CT scan was normal.  organs were deemed fine.  trace blood in the urine.  within days the testicular pain went away and i began to have pressure in the perineum area.  not pain, just an uncomfortable pressure.  no noticeable swelling or lump.  within a few days it began to hurt when i peed.  right at the tip as flow was initiated.  some residual burning but it usually went away soon after peeing.  it drove me to such anxiety every time it was time to pee.  visited the doc again (different one because i was on leave from iraq in the states).  he wanted to do an STD workup which i declined (i had spent 6 months in iraq with no sexual intercourse).  he said he would treat me for one anyways.  i took the intramuscular shot in the butt and "pina colada" drink (antibiotics).  within a few days pee-pain went away.  urine test did not show a UTI, nor did my home test strips.  again, red blood cells were present in the pee (small amount though, with a count of 4 per field).  within days i began to notice an aching in the legs.  not always present, but definitely unexplainable.  within days, an aching in the back, below the ribs and above the hips. not every day, but often enough.  dull aching pain, not sharp.  kidneys? yesterday started to experience increased urge to pee.  when i go, it's not the full volume for the level of urge.  comes out fine, not weak stream.  bladder area doesn't necessarily hurt but feels agitated, like i have to go. had prostate checked (finger, not scope).  doc says it feels normal.  waiting on blood tests for increased PSA (i think it was).  i'm in iraq so the blood is getting sent to germany for analysis.  urine shows trace blood (third time in a row). symptoms are a mixed bag and come and go, though it always seems like at least one of them is present.  urethra sometimes has "weirdness" to it, though not outright pain.  perineum has pressure for half the day.  slight pressure in the rectal area at the same time.  tomorrow morning i may wake up and it might not be present, but late in the afternoon it'll probably come back.  none of the pain puts me on the ground or forces me to lay down.  but damn if it isn't frustrating.  it's affecting me psychologically.  doc doesn't have a diagnosis yet.  nearest urologist is a helicopter flight away.  regular doc consulted with urologist on the phone who put me on an extended course of antibiotics (Cipro).  i'm on day 3.  next step is to shove something up the pee hole to see if i have a urethral stricture.  not too crazy about that one because i'm not buying it.  too many symptoms present that don't jive with that diagnosis.  general feeling of malaise and fatigue but that could just be because i work 13 hours a day, 7 days a week.  get good sleep, 7 hours nightly.  to sum it up: trace blood in urine (microscopic) in 3 straight urine tests within 6 weeks.  achy lower back, legs, feet.  pressure, not pain, in the perineum and rectum.    bladder weirdness, urethra discomfort for part of the day.  none of it is always present.  all symptoms come and go in various combinations.  i haven't felt any where near 100% in weeks.  two questions: will this go away? is it possibly some kind of cancer?  taking sleep aids to sleep because my mind is full of the worst.  help me.  i'm desperate.  
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I have had unusual symptoms for 5 months now.. I started to notice some discomfort in my urethra but there is no pain associated with peeing. This seems unusaul since most pain is accompanied with urinating or is worsened by it. I have also had problems with pelvic area pain and pressure in my rectum also.It feels like it is swollen down there, and there are times when I have bad anal itching after deficating. There are no visible signs associated with this other than a very light reddish to brown colored rash located above my penis on the right side of my groin, mostly in the pubic hair area. The area is a little big than the size of a golf ball.  A couple of months ago I started to get what I would call dull headaches behind my eyes and sometimes the top sides of my head. They would come and go but never get worse. I do not find any symptoms that relate directly to this anywhere and will continue to look.. My wife seems to be have the same symptoms of late
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