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Unidentified Kidney Mass found with Ultrasound.

I am a 44 year old male, who has recently had a 2cm x 1.9cm mass found in the mid/upper pole of my left kidney by ultrasound.

I’ve been having low-level intermittent abdominal pain, in an arc around my front right side about two inches below my rib cage, for about a year.  The Doctor suggested blood tests (found nothing) and ultrasound.  The ultrasound operator declared she’d found nothing, but the report faxed a few days later by the hospital raised an unidentified 2cm x 1.9cm mass as an urgent concern, indicating immediate Urology referral and MRI scan.  It’s unclear whether the left kidney mass is related to the right abdominal pain, or was just an accidental discovery.

It’ll be almost two weeks before I see the Urologist, a difficult time in which I’m trying to remain positive and not jump to the worst conclusions.  This is not easy.  My Urology appointment letter contained a leaflet about cystoscopy examination, I was surprised by this as I’d assumed the kidney would be the immediate focus of attention, not the secondary bladder aspect.  I had a cystoscopy 10 years ago (under general anaesthetic) as part of a prostatis/testicular pain investigation, leading to a diagnosis of non-bacterial prostatitis (no other physical problems found), although I haven’t been troubled by these conditions as much since then.

Allowing for another cystoscopy for the sake of thoroughness, I’d like to know what treatments you think I should expect to diagnose the 2cm kidney mass?  Is an MRI scan (not always readily given in the UK, for cost reasons) to be expected as a ‘minimum’ diagnostic requirement?  Is it likely that a left kidney problem is the cause of right abdomen pain?  Is it credible that the mass could be a cyst or other less serious condition?  Any thoughts or opinions gratefully received.
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P.S. Is there any way processes leading to Kidney Stones could create such a mass on ultrasound?  I'm not necessarily seeking 'nice' explanations for these symptoms, feel free to tell me whatever you think is most likely to be true, even if it isn't great news.
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