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Unresolving Prostatic Pain

I am a 27 years old. 2 months ago i had mild pain in my groin area and it seemed to come from my left testicle. After six days of not resolving on its own, i went to the hospital where they performed ultrasound and doppler of the testicles and found nothing unusual, but a "urine analysis" showed the following readings.
leukocyte esterase: 75 /uL
WBC: Numerous /HPF.  Everything else was negative (nitrite, RBC etc..)
So i decided to follow up with my urologist. He performed a digital rectal examination and said the prostate was mildly inflamed ( I also felt a strong burn in my penis as prostatic fluid came out). I told him i had unprotected sex around 2 months earlier.
He told me to have a "urine culture" and to start with doxycycline 100mg.
i started with the antibiotics right away and did the a urine analysis and culture the next day. The results came as follows:
leukocyte esterase: negative /uL
WBC 2-4 /HPF
Culture: Negavtive - No Growth
Judging from the results he told me to stop the antibiotics. But what worried me is that i forgot to remind him that i already started the antibiotics a day before the tests, so i continued with the doxycycline for a few more days (8 days in total).
2 weeks later, i still had urgency urinating, a very mild burn, and i could still see semen in my urine, and as for the pain it would come every 3 or 4 days for few hours but with the same intensity as it started.
I was worried so I did a third test and the results were
Culture: No Bacterial Growth
Esterase: 10-25
WBCs: 8-10
I gave the results to my urologist, he requested a kidney and pelvic ultrasound. And said if the tests show nothing, it may be chronic pelvic pain?!
I havent done the tests yet. I have an appointment to do so in a few days. What i am worried about is that, did my doctor do a bad call by assuming there was no bacterial infection. How could i have chronic prostatitis at this age. Are there additional tests i can do?!
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any update??
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