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Unsolvable Bladder Problem RUINING MY LIFE

I'm 20, female, and normal weight. And I've got a bladder problem that the three doctors I have seen so far have not been able to solve. I need a suggestion of what to try next!

Here is a detailed timeline of my perplexing problems:

late May:
--arrive home to central Texas area. Lake levels: low; bacteria count in water: high. I get a UTI as usual. nasty, pain when urinating, the works. (Not from sex. I was not sexually active over this whole ordeal)
--Go to doctor #1. TEST RESULTS: Urine sample. lower WBC count than usual, both nothing out of ordinary in urine.
--Treatment: 3-day antibiotics. result: Cured!

Three weeks later, now in southeastern united states:
--Horrible gas, cramps, diarrhea, intense abdominal pain. linked to antibiotics.  
--treatment: probiotics. result: gets better!

Two days later:
--uh-oh, need-to-pee-all-the-time feeling is back. this time, no pain. But I can't even sit through a two hour class, the urgency is so bad.
--Go see RN (doctor #2) at university health center. TEST RESULTS: urine test. Nothing out of ordinary in urine.
--Diagnosis: probably another UTI (I don't think that was correct)
--Treatment: More three-day antibiotics. (with probiotics this time) Result: minimal improvement over 3-day period. Uncertain if this is natural healing or because of the antibiotic.

The next several weeks:
--peeing about 10 times a day, even if I don't get enough water throughout the day, and even if my bladder isn't full. still no pain.
--kind of ruining my life at this point, and I'm getting sick of it.
--go to see doctor #3, a gynecologist. TEST RESULTS: negative for bad bacteria in urine, negative for yeast swab thing.
-- Doctor #3 says she can't help, and good luck.
--I stop taking probiotics

after doctor #3:
--immense frustration. self-diagnose with some symptoms of fungal bladder infection, or possibly interstitial cystitis.
--still peeing 10 times a day, but no pain. I can now go an hour without a bathroom break.
--begin taking six cranberry tablets a day, drinking nettle tea and sticking to a no-sugar diet. minor improvement. Not sure if from time or my self-medication.
--I also try Monistat topical treatment. No improvement.

now a month out and still serious bladder issues, return to central texas area:
--Go see family doctor #4, who is very experienced.
--Doc #4 says it is a leftover response from having a UTI. basically my bladder muscle is still contracting a lot even though I don't need to flush out bacteria or whatever anymore.
--treatment: "flavoxate HCL" (a muscle spasm relaxer thing) three times a day. Result: minimal to no improvement.

see a urologist in California upon returning to school in two weeks. Pray they don't feel the need to stick me with painful things.

It's driving me INSANE. What else should I try? kegels? Fasting? Some kind of strict diet? Does it sound like it could be fungal? Is it not? Should I avoid antibiotics like the plague, or take more? HELP! (and thanks so much!)

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Additional Information: I am taking Apri, a birth control pill.
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Hi Meg
     I am a 20 year old male from UK. I have never had a bladder issue until last November. It is now Mid July and it's getting so bad I can't make it to the bathroom when I need to go. I have seen a few doctors. All of whom have told me to hold my unrine for increasingly longer periods until my bladder is back to normal. However much I try, this isn't working. I have just started Kegel excercises and I'm hoping this will help slightly. I also read about a Japanese herb called Gosha Jinki Gan which is supposed to help with OAB. Though I haven't consulted my doctor so I would reccomend you do if you would like to try it. I can't find anywhere that sells it over here. I hope you sort the issue. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It is ruining my life!!
Best of luck x
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