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Unsolved Testical/Lower Back Pain

I am a non-sexually active 20 year old male and I have recently had problems with testicular pain and sexual dysfunction. The pain started 5 weeks ago while I was skateboarding.(There was no impact) The first night the pain in my left testicle was sharp and severe. During the night I kept having wet dreams but with no fluid. When I woke in the morning I masturbated and it was pretty painful. Over the next few days the pain was less severe and I also felt a need to urinate frequently and my bladder reflex to hold back urine seemed weaker (like it was twitching in a way). Over the next few weeks the pain continued in a mild/moderate way and I also noticed the pain spreading to my right testicle. I have seen doctors since and was tested for hernias and also had an ultrasound that revealed normal blood flow to both testicles and no masses. I am also currently on ciprofloxacin for epididymitis but my urine has tested clear on several different occasions. Currently the pain in my testicles is almost gone but I have increased lower back pain that was not there before. I also feel as if I have almost completely lost my sex drive which is very depressing. I never feel aroused at all anymore and find it extremely difficult to achieve orgasm. I recently started lifting weights about a month before the pain started and I was taking whey protein supplements. after taking the supplements it always felt like I had to urinate much more. This has led me to believe that Kidney stones could be causing the problem. Another possibility is that a nerve has been compressed in my lower back from lifting (a problem like to sciatica)
My main questions are:
1. What do you believe is the cause of the problem?
2. I did have a painful ejaculation and extreme testicular pain for only one day. Is that possible with kidney stones or back problems
3. Can things like kidney stones cause sexual dysfunction? Can back problems cause sexual dysfunction? Will my sex drive will return to normal?
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i have nearly the EXACT same symptoms. lower back pain, minor pain while ejaculating, difficulty achieving orgasm. i can become erect easily but the head is not filling with blood quite as large as normal and that is affecting my pleasure. i feel like my penis is going numb the longer i have sex, the sensation decreases dramatically after 10 minutes. i have some pain in the testicles during and after sex. I broke my back 3 years ago and could have nerve damage but why has sex been excellent up until this point? i am mid 20's and shouldnt be experiencing erectile dysfunction. after ejaculation i get minor itches or a pins and needles type feeling inside my urethra. i did have chlamydia a few weeks ago but was tested and treated, could i maybe still have it? my girlfriend and i waited 5 days before resuming sexual activity as recomended.
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I do not see an obvious cause for the pain that you experienced with your orgasm . I have not seen this symptom related to kidney or ureteral   stones. That being said, your frequency and urgency as well as one sided scrotal  pain are definitely symptoms of a kidney stone in the ureter.
Pain and  anxiety are two of the many thing that can cause loss of libido and sexual dysfunction. It is often  difficult to sort it all out for a given patient.
Your back pain may well be just that, pain in the back of  a muscle/joint cause. A pinched nerve can give back pain, genital pain and leg pain as well as affect sexual ability. The onset of  your pain may well be a pulled muscle related to your skateboarding. I think that your back pain could have it’s origin here also. However, I am very much guessing.
You are making good efforts to take care of yourself  and next time that you see your physician, do suggest a tie-in between all of this. In the meantime, try some warm baths and motrin (around the clock, not just with pain) if you do not have any contraindications.
Good luck.
S.A.Liroff, M.D
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