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Urachal surgery

In September 2009 I ended up in the hospital with pain--turned out to be kidney stones. The scan that was done showed I had an enlarged urachal. In October I had a procedure when they went up and bioposied it from the inside of the bladder, the cells and muscle wall showed no cancer. The dr. sent me for an MRI and he suggested we would continue to monitor the part sticking out of the bladder...but after discussion, as I am a Remicade patient we have decided to have the surgery and cut it out now.

It is very dificult to find information, are urachal and bladder cancer the same thing? Does urachal cancer turn into bladder cancer? Is it possible to have this growth and not have cancer?

I also have colitis and have been on remicade for 1 year...my GI has informed me if this is cancerous, I would have to stop remicade and move towards having my colon removed.

I am 39 year old male, healthy (besides the colitis -- I've only had one major flare in 10 years, last year that led to the remicade.)

thank you.
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The urachus is a normal structure that connects the bladder to the umbilical cord during development in the uterus. After birth the walls of this tube usually grow together and the tube is obliterated. In some of us this last portion of development does not occur and the tube or parts of this tube remain open. This can be just an outpouching of the top of the bladder. Cancer may develop in it but it is a different type of cancer than the usual bladder cancers and may be quite aggressive.
The  literature is mixed in recommending the removal of a urachal remnant for prophylactic  (preventative) purposes. This anomaly is rare and there are no large series of patients in the literature.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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