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Ureteral Stent complications

I was admitted to the hospital the first week of October for a kidney stone which I wasn't able to pass.  A stent was placed for a week to clear any possible infection and to help pass the stone, it didn't pass so earlier this week I was given the wave surgery, Lithrotripsy?, which broke up the stone and was removed with the basket.  

Another stent was placed after that surgery to keep the passage open and prevent infection, it is supposed to remain 10 days until Friday of next week.  

My doctor lacks communication and I've yet to get decent answers to possible complications.  I've had a stent for going on 2-3 weeks now and have another week ahead of me and still don't know much about the possible issues and how to maintain the stent.  I'm trying to increase my fluid intake but it is to the point I'm drinking so much I am losing a lot of sleep and by asking this am hoping to rest my mind a bit until it is taken out next week so I can actually get some rest.

I've been told, not by a doctor but someone I trust, that impotence and erectile disfunction is a possible long-term side effect even after stent removal..?  Other than the standard discomfort, light bleeding/puss and frequent urination, what are realistic "serious complications" of a stent and how much water should I be drinking?
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    How are you? Ureteral stents are thin catheters threaded into segments of the ureter that carry urine, produced by the kidney, either down into the bladder internally, or to an external collection system. Insertion is most often done through the skin (percutaneously); however, in the presence of kidney or ureteral stones, stenting is ideally done during cystoscopy. Although ureteral stenting is undoubtedly an important procedure for the release of ureteral obstruction, the indications for stent insertion should be carefully considered in each patient.
A stent can remain inside the ureter for about 3 months. In case the patient has severe bleeding or dispositioned stent or recurrent infections then change of stent or removal of stent can be considered. But longer indwelling stents are associated with an increasing frequency of incrustation, infections, secondary stone formation and obstruction of the stented tract.
There is no chance of impotence or erectile dysfunction due to  presence of stent, because a stent is placed in the ureter which lands in the bladder, followed by urethra. The tract through which semen passes is completely different from the urinary tract. The place where both these tracts join is much below the ureter. So, don't worry.
It would be appropriate to take around 3-4 litres of water per day.
Consult your urologist if bleeding and pain is severe.
Take care.
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Thank you very much for the prompt response and specific info.. It is nice to hear erectile dysfunction isn't a long-term concern, and to have an estimate on water intake!
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Do not believe the comment that erectile dysfunction & impotence can not occur thru a ureteral stent.!
I was a 38 year old pretty healthy male with a satisfactory sex life,no ED nor impotence.
I had kidney stones in Nov.06 & a ureteral stent implanted for less
than a week by a urologist in the hospital.
I was under severe pain in the hospital & under heavy medication.
I was never told that ED & impotence was a side effect, but 2 years later experiencing ED & not to mention a crooked penis from the stent being inserted thru the penis. ( not kidding ).
I am now considering asking my family physician to put me on viagara.
My family physician was on vacation at the time I was in the hospital, so I don't know if I ever really needed a stent to begin with.
I am convinced the hospital urologist on duty saw good insurance to bill.....email if you want more details

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My father is a prostate cancer patient. He has undergone orchidactomy, TURP and Brachytherapy. A doctor at  a hospital in Bangkok without ever informing my father what the possible side effects of Zometa (bone pain relieving medication) could be administered it to my father. He was 74 years old. My father suffered renal failure, had to undergo dialysis and then had a ureteral stent  inserted. He already underwent a replacement of the first stent. However, he has been passing a lot of blood in his urine. He will be going for blood transfusion due to him becoming anemic. What can be done to reduce the blood loss through his urine?
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when i was 7 months pregnant with my daughter i had to have a stent put in for a kidney stone i couldnt pass it was supposed to remain in till after she was born but my daughter is now 8 months old and the dr that put it in refuses to take it out its been in so long that its going to be extremely difficult to take out if its still even a possibility worse case there going to have to take my kidney out to get the stent
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Hi I was wondering if anyone had done lately like this yr.2010 .......I have been reading all of the coments an they are a couple of yrs ago. Just seeing if anyone had it done within a yr.
  I instantly had a Sharp pain in my back followed by Major cramps. Then after they took the stone out an pit the sent in. The Dr informed me that the sent would be taken out in 2 weeks. Well I left the hospital an couldn't hardly get out of bed. Nausea set in sever pain to the point of doubling over. Passing blood clots constantly some the size of dimes. I call the urologist an they said he doesn't really take them out in the office any more. But they would ask the Dr if these symptoms were normal. The Dr of coarse says yes an says I can come in an have it taken out a week an a few days early. An he would do it in the office. Right after the nurse told me they don't do them in the office. So tomorrow morning I will have it removed. Hopefully the pain will stop when its out with no horror stories.
I'll lets ya know.
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I just had a stent put in Sat-4-Sept-2010. My sonic rock crush on Thrs-2-Sept-2010 didn't work on a 5x9 ureteral stone. The cysto was quite mutilating (i'm sure superficially), it left me with a very irritating blood squirting cath setup. My bladder still spazzes.
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I just had a stint put in on the 14th of sept. 2010 and have had unbearable pain on my left side where it was placed. Like sharp pains you would have while on your menstrual  cycle, but times 50! I have had an excessive amount of blood in my urine as well and numbness down my left leg...does anyone know if this is normal after this procedure. I ask my doctor questions and he doesn't make any sense!  Also I am taking vicodin but it doesn't seem to be helping is there something that helps a bit more?
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My wife had a urethral stent put in to relieve pressure after having a kidney stone, 17 hrs later she was taken to ER, now she lies between life and death with a severe case of ards
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My husband is 58 yrs old and had stones on both sides removed with laser last Thurs under general anesthesia.  He has a stone on the left removed 6 years ago transurethrally with no stent.  He has two stents now and has had a lot of post op pain which is positional.  He had a lot of blood the day of surgery and one after.  He called the Dr. the same day of surgery and was given an Rx for Peridium- a urinary tract analgesic that makes the urine orange.  He also got a med similar to Flomax (don't have the med in front of me) which is what they give men for enlarged prostates to help them urinate.  He is unhappy about the stent being removed in office with just pre med at home of Xanax.  He has pain meds (PO Dilaudid) and said he plans to take it before we go to the office.  I say whatever he needs to control pain.  I hope there is a string on the stents.  No one mentioned it.  I don't agree with not having pain meds plus whatever before getting the stint removed.  That is inexcusable. I'd change doctors.  We didn't know about the stents till we got to the pre-op.  I would have done a search had I known.  Hope this info helps.
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I am a 28 yr old female who has passed 11 or so kidney stones in the last 10 years.

However, 4 days ago I had to be admitted to the OR to have an 8mm stone removed as it was too big to pass on it's own.

I now have a ureteral stent in place. The pain is simply unbareable! I am also having a lot of blood and blood clots in my urine. The doctors gave me Loretab 7.5 that I'm supposed to take 2 of every 4 hours. This is not helping the pain much. I've been in bed since the stone was removed. I must let you know I have not had any vomiting or fever but the pain was so intense it caused nausea. I went to my urologist b/c I was so concerned. They said I developed renal colic and gave me Rapaflo(same as Flomax) to help the urine flow better. This has happened but still have same pain!

I'm having the stent removed in 3 days. I'm really hoping the pain and bleeding stops after it's out.

:( this is no way to live! :( Also, my doctors did not inform me of the recovery process.
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Had the stent removed and had almost instant relief! If anyone is scared to have your stent removed, have no fear! It's not bad.
I will tell you that I did take 3 7.5 Lortab. I know that's a little much but I'm glad I did b/c my doctor didn't numb the area or give me anything for pain. I can imagine there may have been pain if i didn't dose myself pryor but I felt little to none.

I will give you my best description of the feeling I DID expierence...it's weird and gross but I felt like 2 seconds of feeling like I was throwing up backwards. Throwing down I guess. It was the sensation of loosing your stomach downward.

Kind of weird and sorry if nobody even asked for this info, but I just wanted to put some folks at ease who may be scared 'cause I know I was.
Way easier than I imagined. However I was just informed my dr. wants to remove the stones from my left kidney in 2 weeks and I have to go through the whole stupid process again. Blaaah. :(- lame.

Goodluck to all in your stent adventures!
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