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Ureteral stone passed, symptoms still there!

Please help!

I will try to keep this as simple as possible.

3 months ago I felt an urgency to urinate, after x-ray, ultra-sound and finally a CT scan a ureteral stone was found in the left ureter (also a stone in right kidney), 2 x ESWL were unsuccessful so finally removal came via ureteroscopy. After a week everything was fine and back to normal then another 2 weeks passed and I felt an irritation coming back so I visited the Doctor. He prescribed some anti-biotics and we also decided to blast the right kidney stone with ESWL which was carried out 2 weeks ago, after one week the need to urinate was back and after an x-ray it appeared the stone had become stuck in the ureter again (around 3mm stone)!

So today I have had an IVP and was booked for ESWL to finally zap it, however the IVP has come back clear with no sign of the stone in the ureter yet I am experiencing discomfort and frequent need to urinate still.

I am so tired with all this and today the doctor said all is clear so it may now be in my head :-/ Although one week ago the stone was in the ureter! Would I have noticed a 3mm stone passing or could it have passed without my knowledge? Could this be residual irritation from stone passing? Or could the stone be stuck somewhere else?

I am really at my wits end with it all, tired and frustrated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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