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Urethra Discomfort (women)

Does anyone have discomfort in their urethra and cant shift it? Since around November last year I have been having Recurring UTIs and inbetween them I get a very uncomfortable urethra. Sometimes when i go to the toilet i can pee fine but other times its uncomfortable. Having sex is uncomfortable and its making me lose my sex drive.

I have sent in urine samples when ive had an infection and they show bacteria in the urine but i respond well to the antibiotics. And still i have problems.

I am currently waiting on some results for some swabs i had done for Thrush, Chalmidia and Ghonorrea...standard testing and if they dont show anything then hopefully ill get to see a urologist.

I just wondered if anyone else has this problem and what did you do about it/what was causing it etc
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Hi jary....i've had this problem for 13 months now, had all the tests at the hospital....cystocopy, scan, kidney function test, blood tests......everything normal but still have problem.

Like you reoccurring uti with blood in urine.Keep returning to Gp but they keep saying well you don't have an infection.

One doctor said, you can have the urethra tube replaced but wasn't to keen on the operation. I have problems with emtying the bladder totally which i think is where my infections come from,GP said, you can have the urethra stretched but good possibility of incontinence.

I have tried to look in a mirror...i know it sounds a bit odd,but it feels like there is something there, which my underwear rubs on causing inflamation.I can see what looks like a small lump on the left side of the opening, the GP examined me and agreed, but the cystoscopy showed nothing!!!! i wonder if its the same with you.

Looking on the webb you can get a kind of polypus in the urethra...so i am going to ask to go back to the hospital.

I think you should ask to be referred if all your tests come back clear.

Some people have urethra syndrome....irritation in the urethra...which can sometimes be controled by diet...nothing acidic....or don't wear tight clothes in that area.

I hope this helps a bit

Take care
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Hey Orphan, thanks for your comment.
Wow, i bet your really fed up of the problems! I know i am!

I try and avoid coffee and tea and drink plenty of water as that seems to control it a bit. I make sure i wipe myself in the correct way and shower every morning and use only Femfresh or Canesten shower washes instead of soap.

That does seem to control the recurring UTIs and discomfort in my urethra but it can only do so much. I began to wonder if maybe my urethra is damaged somehow??? Cause it feels like although its been scraped or hurt in some way. Maybe the UTIs ive had in the past have caused it but i guess ill only know (hopefully) when tests are done.

I hope you find the cause and find some relief! I have had really bad bouts of Cystitis and Urethritis before and i wouldnt wish it on anyone!
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Well i got my tests back and the only thing there is thrush.

Its a relief that its nothing serious, but can thrush cause bladder infections/urethra discomfort?

Cause i wouldnt have thought so. Anyways ill get the treatment and see how it goes. Then if theres no improvement its off to the docs again!
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Have you ever been tested for Interstitital Cystitis?  It begins with constant UTI's, pain, difficulty peeing, starting, stopping, urgency to pee. My urethra was so shredded before I was diagnosed with IC, that I had to self-catheterize for almost 2 years before it healed. Glad it's only thrush, this time, but it wouldn't hurt to have a Urologist check you out.
Hugs & Prayers.
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Ouch Zepora! IC is what im afraid of. I mean, i havent gone through labor and birth yet but im sure id rather go through that pain rather than have a constant uti problem....at least labor leads to something good!

atm my urethra is playing up again...doesnt help that i feel sick too!

Thanks for your comment
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Urgh, have another infection. Woke up today and thought 'oh joy' ¬_¬

So i have antibiotics and now just waiting for them to take effect and in the mean time try to control the pain.

The doctor at the out of hours suggested i see i my gp and ask for a longer pescription of antibiotics...say two months or so, to see if it disrupts the pattern and hopefully stop the recurring UTIs. If not, then it Urologist, tho the doctor wasnt too keen on a 19 year old being pked and prodded! lol.
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