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Urethra Pain

Posted By Shawn on December 29, 1998 at 19:01:35:

I have a recurring pain in my urethra,
either in my penis or further up into my
testicals or even a little further up.
The pain started after a Kidney
Stone episode about a month and a half
ago.  The pain lasts either from 20
minutes to a few hours. It is usually
throbbing in nature and can range from
uncomfortable to quite painful. As I
said, the pain can be in the tip of penis,
to the penis, to below the testicles.
SometimesI feel the urge to urinate and
cannot do so.Sometimes a day will pass
and I will notfeel the symptoms.
I never actually saw (or felt) the stone
pass through my penis at the time of the
Kidney Stone episode although the acute
pain stopped. I am wondering
if it is possible there
is still a stone up there? I get Kidney
Stones quite often and do not always feel
them pass. If not, can my
Urethra simply have been damaged by
the stone? Or irritated?
I do not have a fever, so I am wondering
if it is an infection. Is there any treatment
for any of these or any pain killers?
Thanks for any advice you could give.
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