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Urethretis - Atypical


I’m a 25 year old Danish male seeking for peers or other opinions on my weird symptoms. Please, let me be excused if I express myself unclear as English is not mother tongue.

One year ago (October 2017) I began having some testicular pain in my right testicle. So I went to my doctor. She initially thought I had an varicocele after feeling around. Afterwards she asked me if I had any other problems. One week later I get some discharge. I will describe it all in detail to you.

What are my symptoms?

October/November 2017
It all started with testicular pain. This has gone away by it self.
January 2018:

I had a week where I felt the urge to pee every hour. It felt like my bladder could not be emptied totally. This is also gone by now. It went away by it self.

November 2017 till now:
Penile discharge: Clear and sticky. Behaves a lot like pre ***. At some point it has been very present in the mornings, but the amount of it has lessened. I have to squeeze it out. Sometimes I feel like it is leaking, but when I check it I cant see it. However it seems like I can always squeeze some liquid out of my urethra. I have never seen it leave a stain in my boxers. A few times I can see it is wet around my urethra, possibly because of the sticky fluid or just plain pee. Sometimes it can be associated with a very low pain stinging. Can you even call it a discharge if it does not really come out?

Sensation 1: I can sometimes feel a rush in my urethra, like something is floating from my urethra and out really quick, but it stops before it is coming out of my penis. If I check I feel nothing. Sometimes it means I need to pee and other times I can squeeze the liquid out. The liquid never drops, it just hangs around the meatus and it is never a lot.

Sensation 2: Sometimes, and not very often I can feel a pain in my anus. It is always when I sit and it makes me jump off the chair sometimes. But it is not that painful, I just get surprised when it happens.

Sensation 3: Sometimes it stings around my meatus. It is not really painful. It just happens. I presume sometimes the liquid causes it. But definitely not always present.

Sensation 4: When I’m biking I feel like leaking. I have found no prove of it.

What testing has been done?

31st of October – Go to my doctor. She tests me for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Both negative.

13th of November – Urine checked for bacteria and urethra swabbed. The urine was fine. Swab test said “Growth of micro organisms, which are unlikely to be pathological”.

26th of January – I was referred to the clinic of STD’s and skin diseases. I was tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV and Syphilis. This time they swabbed my urethra, my mouth and my anus. All results were negative. Doctor prescribes me doxycycline for 10 days. Took two pills twice a day. Did not help me.

16th of February – Tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma. The first three were negative. Ureaplasma swab was contaminated or overgrown with competing bacteria or funghi. The lab wanted another test as they couldn’t decide whether ureaplasma was present. The morning discharge was also checked in a microscope. The doctor found white blood cells. So something definitely was up. I was prescribed a combination of metronidazole and ciprofloxacin for 10 days 500 mg twice a day. This did not help me a lot.

28th of March – Tested for Mycoplasma, ureaplasma and trichomonas vaginalis (very rare in Denmark). Trich and mycoplasma were negative. Ureplasma was positive and the lab said they found many colonies. I was prescribed Clarithromycin 500 mg twice a day for 10 days. Does not help me much. Discharge symptoms are beginning to get better. I am also told to use condoms for 3 months with my girlfriend.

28th of June – Still coming to the clinic as the meds has not helped me much. The doctor was sure I was re-infected with Ureaplasma because of poor condom usage. I am prescribed Clarithromycin again 500 mg twice a day for 10 days again. Condom usage for 3 months again for all kinds of sex, doc stresses this. Symptoms seems to be better. My doctor does not want me to check and squeeze it every time I go to the restroom. The morning discharge is almost gone unless I squeeze quite a lot. However I still have the above mentioned symptoms.

11th of September – I am sent to cystoscopy exam. The urologist tells me all is normal. Everything was in perfect order inside of me. A urine test is done. No red or white blood cells. No protein is pissed out. Ph level 5.5. No bacteria. All good.

15th of October – Tested for mycoplasma and ureaplasma again. Bot negative. Still having symptoms. Guess the meds have killed ureaplasma. They check the liquid in my penis in microscope finding no white blood cells. I guess this rule out the re-infection theory.

After this test my girlfriend and I have given up condom usage. So what the heck Is wrong with me? Is my mind playing a trick on me? Could this just be the way my body works for some reason? Is it my own immunological problem. Is my immune system attacking my urethra for no reason at all, it is confused? Does it make sense? Am I alone??

I am a healthy young male. I do not have diabetes. I bike 8 kilometers a day. Go to the gym three times a weak. I eat moderately, I’m not a fanatic and not overweight.
I gives me relief to ejaculate or pee.
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Wow, been through a lot. Good news?  Does not sound like any std no matter how hard they tried to find one.  bad news is no answers.  

So, with all of that, let me ask.  The main symptom you have is 1. penis discharge. 2. pain in anus. and 3. a floating feeling like something is floating around?
Yes those are the symptoms. However some burning at the tip of my penis is more present as pain in anus. Both of the symptoms are quite rare though.
The discharge almost never come out of it's own, so it is not like it's leaking. The floating feeling is a fine description. Sometimes yeah i feel like it. I can pee it away
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I'd agree to stop trying to express the discharge.  You may be adding to any issue.  And wonder if you do not do that if the other symptoms may also stop?  I don't think this is in your head or you are alone.  Have you ever tried a warm sitz bath?  do you know what this is?
And i have. I can't really figure out if it is helping.
Well as a dance i feel quite alone. We do not have such a cool database like this. I would like to read other topics that discuss the same problem. I just can't seem to find them as many asks the same, but they have no been checked for myco- and ureaplasma.
I have not tried a sitz bath. The reason for this is that i'm really not in that much pain. I don't really have pain. Days can go by without it and it only takes a couple of seconds.  this could be my diagnosis. But the syndrome seems like a mystery
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Have your Doctor check your prostate. Also, semen buildup can cause some of the symptoms you describe. While as young men, we are very virile but some men are super virile. Prostate massage may help. My Doctor did prostate massage with me when I had similar symptoms and it really helped. It’s a strange feeling to have prostate massage but it did relieve the symptoms. Good luck!
Thanks for that answer. Very helpful.
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